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Do You want to find a man – and – Van company that offers low-cost, safer ? http://ift.tt/1jLkvMd

Today there are many companies that offer Man – and – Van for people who want to move from one place to another. However, it is important to consider some factors before a person undertakes any business . Here are … Continue reading

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Man gets plastic surgery to look like Superman http://1topofwhole.blogspot.com/2013/12/man-gets-plastic-surgery-to-look-like.html

Many of us like we were superheroes. We can dream rescue people and save the world . We often imitate our heroes , but how many of us go to great lengths to look like them? A man spent 16 … Continue reading

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Did God Become Man? – Did God have a Son ?

Conclusion : A look at  the idea that God had a son If God did not become man , who had a son ? Since it is able to do all things, should be able to have a child. However, … Continue reading

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Did God Become Man? – God Becomes One Man, Men Become God, Why ?

Examples of religions believe that God became man, that all human beings are a part of God , and a glimpse into the thinking of all those beliefs mentioned aboveGod becomes One man menChristian belief in the incarnation of God is … Continue reading

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Did God Become Man? – The Gods, Man is God, and God Becomes His Creatures

A look at the concept of God and pantheism in              polytheistic religions , including Hinduism  Man Gods  CreaturesHowever, there is still an aspect of belief in God that defies logic and reason, but has become a cornerstone of faith. It … Continue reading

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Did God Become Man? – A Natural Belief in God

The belief in one God and His service is one that is inherent in all human beings The vast majority of human beings have always believed in God. From the oldest to the most primitive of modern societies civilizations , religions … Continue reading

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