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What really is on the way to break the glass ceiling?

In a country where it says “all men are created equal ” , it seems impossible to have glass ceilings . However, each year articles and workshops designed to help women and minorities in this unbridgeable gap threshold occur. breakNow … Continue reading

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What prevents you from finding a job?

” If you think you can or think you cannot , you’re right . ” – Henry FordI think the quote from Mr. Ford for a while , wondering what to write. I hit something of a period of creative … Continue reading

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What you can do to prepare for an interview

What When part of the world, consisting of a key that says ” love yourself” to “not true ” and gives a short review and anime, it says ” be yourself even ” when you head the achievement of your … Continue reading

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Going to the gym : What to and Not to Expect

Many people go to the gym with different expectations – some are too unrealistic expectations while some are humble expectations of something great goals. Anyway, have misconceptions when it comes to full body workout can lead to overdo things , … Continue reading

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What employers really want?

As someone who has employed thousands of people , I can tell you what employers are looking for has changed over time . Forty years ago , when I graduated with a degree in English , employers are looking for … Continue reading

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