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Jesus in Islam – His crucifixion and second coming

Discuss The Islamic concept of Jesus His crucifixion God said in the Quran that Jesus was not crucified , but was released this way by the Jews , and that God raised him from the heavens . The Qur’an does … Continue reading

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Jesus in Islam – The question of his divinity and mission

Discuss the Islamic  concept of Jesus  The question of his  divinity and mission  Divinity  Muslims believe in the absolute oneness of God, a Supreme Being without human limitations , needs and desires . He has no partner in His divinity … Continue reading

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Jesus in Islam – Discuss the Islamic concept of Jesus : His birth and miracles

The Islamic view of Jesus  lies between two extremes The Jews, who rejected Jesus as  a prophet , called him an imposter, while the Christians on the contrary is considered the son of God  and worship him as such Islam … Continue reading

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The Crucifixion : The Religious Mysteries

An analytical look at the evidence base and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ the mysterious Of all the Christian mysteries , none rank as high as the concept of Christ’s crucifixion and atonement. In fact , Christians base their salvation on the principle … Continue reading

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Greatest commandment of Jesus

An order that , if sustained, be not too far from the kingdom of God The man was a master . He taught the law of Moses . He was impressed to see Jesus answer questions hypocrites and heretics with wisdom; ” One of the … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ – Son of God ? “Son” or ” slave” ?

An examination of the idea  that Jesus is the Son of God  from Christian sources :  A look at the original Greek  and Hebrew words translated to “son.” Christian clergy openly acknowledge that Jesus never called himself Expired “son of … Continue reading

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Jesus – the Son of God ? : The Meaning of ” Son of God”

An examination of the notion that Jesus is the Son of God from Christian sources  The meaning of the phrase: “Son of God ”  in the Old and New Testaments “One of the most striking differences between  a cat and a lie is … Continue reading

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Jesus Freaks – A comparison between the hippies , Christians , Muslims and Jesus !

 Memoirs of a convert to Islam When I was a kid , growing up in sixty and seventy , a few blocks from the famous Haight- Ashbury district of San Francisco , which was surrounded by the hippie movement. It … Continue reading

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Where is the “Christ” in “Christianity ? “

Does Christianity followed the teachings of Jesus and the early apostles? Religious scholars have long attributed the principles of the Christian faith on Paul’s teachings as Jesus . But all I want to jump on this, I think it is best to … Continue reading

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Bible Prophecies of Muhammad – New Testament Prophecies of Muhammad ‘s

The Biblical evidence that Muhammad is not a false prophet Another discussion on the prophecy mentioned in John 14:16 of the Paraclete , or ” Comforter” , and how Muhammad fits this prophecy more than others May . Jesus describes the function of other Parakletos … Continue reading

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