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God and Creation in Islam

How Islam calls man away from the worship of creation to the worship of God alone Since the total submission of one’s will to God represents the essence of worship , the basic message of God’s divine religion , Islam is … Continue reading

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Which is the true religion of God ?

The question of how one proceeds to decipher the true religion, while all they say is the truth, and the use of intelligence.Each person is born into a situation that is not of their choosing . The religion of his … Continue reading

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The absolute Truth – Part Tow

A logical argument that proves that truth is absolute, not relative , through the examination of various religious principles in different times and places.Those who believe that truth is relative and that all beliefs are the right feeling is not … Continue reading

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The Crucifixion : The Religious Mysteries

An analytical look at the evidence base and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ the mysterious Of all the Christian mysteries , none rank as high as the concept of Christ’s crucifixion and atonement. In fact , Christians base their salvation on the principle … Continue reading

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Greatest commandment of Jesus

An order that , if sustained, be not too far from the kingdom of God The man was a master . He taught the law of Moses . He was impressed to see Jesus answer questions hypocrites and heretics with wisdom; ” One of the … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ – Son of God ? “Son” or ” slave” ?

An examination of the idea  that Jesus is the Son of God  from Christian sources :  A look at the original Greek  and Hebrew words translated to “son.” Christian clergy openly acknowledge that Jesus never called himself Expired “son of … Continue reading

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Jesus – the Son of God ? : The Meaning of ” Son of God”

An examination of the notion that Jesus is the Son of God from Christian sources  The meaning of the phrase: “Son of God ”  in the Old and New Testaments “One of the most striking differences between  a cat and a lie is … Continue reading

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What is a miracle? The difference between miracles , karamahs and magic

Islam defines a miracle as an exceptional event or act which is contrary to the laws of nature and can occur only through the direct intervention of God Almighty. The Arabic word for miracle is mu’jizah . AJZ comes from … Continue reading

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Some of the scientific miracles in brief – Why Islam is the true religion of God

Since the dawn of mankind, we have tried to understand the nature and our place in it . In this search for the purpose of the life of many people turn to religion. Most religions are based on books claimed … Continue reading

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The Amazing Quran – Some more examples that show the truthfulness of the Quran

Time ZonesSeeing as back fourteen centuries ago people probably did not understand much about time zones, the Quran’s statements about this subject are considerably surprising.  The concept that one family is having breakfast as the sun comes up while another … Continue reading

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