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Starving Decreases Your Metabolism – You Shouldn’t Stop Eating While Dieting

There is a popular myth that you can achieve weight loss by starvation . Or people skip meals or follow a strictly liquid diet hoping that reducing caloric intake to help achieve weight loss faster. There are many factors that … Continue reading

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Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

There is a tendency to confuse weight loss and fat loss . Of course , the loss of fat to lose weight, but this is not true in the other direction . If you lose weight , you lose some … Continue reading

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How To Lose 10 Pounds A Month

Before exploring ways to lose weight , here are some statistics on the number you need to know before beginning any weight loss effort . To lose one pound , you must burn 3,500 calories. While it is normal to … Continue reading

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Who said it was hard to diet ?

Based on daily images of the perfect body is pushed in our faces make us run to the nearest fitness room and sign a contract that forces us flat at thirty dollars a month for a membership that only intend … Continue reading

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Body Media Fit 10 reasons why you need to achieve your weight loss with this personal fitness tracker

   Everyone needs a little help  And this is especially true when it  comes to achieving your weight loss The good personal fitness tracker motivate you to eat better and move more !Staying motivated to lose weight is often the … Continue reading

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The Personal Fitness Tracker – and how it can make you thin

What is a Personal Fitness Tracker? Actually, there are several personal fitness trackers available in the market . They differ in size and features. However , they all do essentially the same. Follow the data. You can follow :measuresThe intensity … Continue reading

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Exercises for stomach fat that actually work

fitness Find exercises for stomach fat or exercises belly fat that does the job can be very difficult , but this article will help you identify some that can be used in everyday life . One can not begin to … Continue reading

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Insanity workout for six pack abs

s   Insanity workout fitness six pack abs There are many exercises for the abs , but it is very difficult to determine what works best and what is a huge waste of time. If you are looking for a … Continue reading

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Abs workout that you can do at home for fitness

workout In today’s busy life , we have no time to go to the gym and doing abdominal exercises like running on the treadmill or other exercises of abdominal fat and fitness form , even if we really want . … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Exercising After A Back Injury

If you are a person who works with regularly greed or else go to the gym almost as much as you know you should, there is a particular type of physical damage that your body is vulnerable to a back … Continue reading

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