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How to keep your employees motivated without breaking the bank

Salaries of employees has been reduced by 2% from October 2010 and have remained stable since the beginning of the year. If your company simply does not have the funds for salary increases must be creative in order to minimize … Continue reading

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37 ways to keep your employees motivated 37 year old Entrepreneur

A good job is hard to find, but every entrepreneur knows that a good employee is even more difficult to maintain. As an entrepreneur, you must ensure that your company is comprised of people who are willing to come to … Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways to encourage – and discourage – Employees

I also put it simple : There are a lot of motivated employees there. In a recent national study shows that less than 1-4 non-managerial employees is fully committed ( aka, fully motivated and productive ) , that is, say … Continue reading

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7 ways to keep your employees Happy and hard work

No matter what you build , invent or sell, your organization can not move without people. CEOs, company founders and managers around the world know that the maintenance of equipment in accordance with the progress in harmony means the difference … Continue reading

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