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The seven earths ( The Seven Layers Of The Earth )

The seven layers of the earth which scientists have recently discovered was eluded by Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago A simple image of the Earth and its inner layers . Windows to the Universe , at ( ) at the University Corporation for … Continue reading

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The victory of the Romans and the lowest point on earth

The Quran lays light in the lowest place in the world RomansIn the early seventh century , the two most powerful empires of the time were the Byzantines [The Arabs also refer to the Byzantines as the Romans] and the Persian … Continue reading

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Earth’s Atmosphere – Modern science has discovered facts about the atmosphere mentioned in the Quran more than 1400 years

  ” By the sky which returns . ” (Quran 86:11 )“[He ] who made for you the earth a bed [ spread out ] and the sky a roof … ” (Quran 2:22 )In the first verse God swears … Continue reading

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