The difference between BB creams, CC and DD

The difference between BB creams, CC and DD
With BB, CC and DD cream overloading the shelves up, behind were the days of simple foundation bottles as a foundation for makeup. These creams not only make it easier to apply to the skin, but are fit for travel too, making it beautiful in a matter of minutes.

However, with so many types of names on the market, they are often confused about the role of these creams. Let’s see first what a BB cream. BB creams were first made in Germany in 1960 by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to help the patient’s skin in cases of facial peels and surgery. The creams were re-introduced into the Korean market 30 years later with several film actors supporting products. These BB creams are an all-in-one to a place without make-up aspect of the oil-free cake.

Since then, BB creams have become very popular among makeup lovers and account for almost 13% of the cosmetics market in Korea. The cream is a very popular product in Asia, Europe and Australia as well.

Then come the CC and DD creams. This made the kind of products more confusing and buy them harder. Here’s a quick guide for BB creams, CC and DD.

The moisturizers are BB and creamy than their counterparts. The word represents the beauty BB Balm or balm failure and does what its name indicates. It provides complete coverage with many of them offering SPF and antioxidant properties. It gives a smooth finish, without defects and without finishing the bases of the cake. It has a mild formulation that regular foundation, but is a little heavier than normal moisturizers. It gives a rosy finish and is an excellent product for normal to dry skin. However, they could be great for oily skin and acne.

CC creams are lighter in texture and a quick absorbing property. Unlike BB creams, CC creams are oil free and therefore ideal for oily skin and acne. CC creams have lighter coverage and focus on correcting skin like redness or pallor. Levels the skin and gives it a flawless finish. They usually have an advanced formulation that makes them absorb quickly with light scattering particles and antioxidants that instantly corrects the skin.

DD creams represent Journal of Defense is the latest arrival in the cosmetics market. DD offer SPF, antioxidants, color correction as well as anti-aging benefits that help to smooth out wrinkles. It is lighter than the other two creams. DD creams are thicker in texture, offer better coverage and is suitable for dry and wrinkled skin. It will block in moisture, leaving a younger looking soft skin behind.

Now you know what to buy cream for you, depending on your skin type and makeup needs.

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