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What is happening during a lipo
Smart Lipo is essentially a type of advanced liposuction procedure. It is used to remove persistent fat bags, especially around the abdomen, thighs, arms and neck. Treatment is quick and painless and is usually performed as an outpatient treatment. lipo.
This is what you can expect when you are going to get that excess fat removed.
The Smart Lipo Procedure
The doctor will first anesthetize the areas where you want the fat removed. You will be awake and aware of everything that is happening, but do not feel pain because the areas to be treated are anesthetized.
First, a small incision the size of a pen tip is made in the area that has just been anesthetized. A small tube is inserted through this incision. Smart lipo laser fiber into your body through this tube.
When the laser reaches the fat cells, it breaks the membranes, the cells destroy them permanently. The laser then extracts the liquefied grease gently from the rupture of membranes.
You can leave and go home as soon as treatment is complete. Not necessary for one night.
What to expect after treatment
After the Smart Lipo procedure, you will need to wear a compression garment for about 7 days. In the days following the removal of fat, the body begins to produce new collagen, which coagulates and tightens the skin.
The number of sessions you need to go will depend on the number of domains you want to process. In most cases, a single treatment is sufficient.
The best part of this treatment is that you can see results much faster than what you can expect with any other procedure. In most cases, the results are starting to be noticeable in about a week after your appointment. Then, over the next three to six months, you will see a gradual but steady improvement.
Why You Should Consider Obtaining
 Lipo Triplex Intelligent Treatment
If you want to get rid of stubborn fat, this is the best treatment available today. It offers several advantages not only in traditional liposuction but also most other cosmetic procedures that are carried out for fat removal.
Smart lipo is a minimally invasive procedure, which means less pain and less recovery time. This also means there is less risk and less expense involved.
The treatment is supported by several years of clinical studies and has proven to be safer and more effective than many other fat removal procedures.

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