How to Get Rid of Anxiety

                                    How to Get Rid of Anxiety
Do you feel that anxiety control and that limit? Do you go out, do new things, meet new people, live your life to the fullest, but fear stops you? Do you feel frozen tightening the bands of fear? If you do, know that anxiety does not have to limit your life; It can be released.

Why do you think you do not know very well what I mean – I really do not understand what it is to live with anxiety? I do. I lived with anxiety every day for years. I allowed the fear to limit myself, and I felt totally immobilized by the recurrent anxiety in my life, but I am learning from myself and passing through it, instead of allowing myself to be controlled. I want to share with you that the past few months have taught me how to get rid of the bonds that limit fear.

    Breathing in Fear: When I feel the anxiety that rises in me – when you tighten your chest and your heart starts to run – I stop and focus on slow and careful breathing as you sit through me. If I try to resist or escape from anxiety, or if I were given to eat, I tighten my grip and I have trained in panic-sucking vortex; When I allow and breathe in the feeling, it is released and reduces its decision until it has completely disappeared. To help you focus on breathing instead of fear rising in you, count slowly to three, four or five (whichever works for you) while inhaling and then the same count as you exhale slowly. Trying to extend between each charge your breathing becomes slower and deeper. It slows your attention and measures your intake and release your breath to help you settle in so you will not be pushed to the shallow breathing, which can lead to panic. Over time, you will be able to let the gait count and concentrate on your breathing.
    Observe the rise and fall of fear energy: When fear rises, your intense energy feels like it will take you longer. If you feed him, you can take your breath away, make your heart feel as if it would burst in the chest and make your head feel like it would explode. Instead of allowing him to take me back, I learn to be an observer and see him. Instead of feeding the traction energy, try to see it. Notice how the intensity builds to your greatest attraction. Continue to observe and see how it is like a rising and falling sea wave. Intensity builds, builds, builds until it bites, then decreases … like water waves. When I look at the energy and I wash it collapses and they stay intact and everything … every time.
    Explore what you really are: the most important job I did to free my fears was to explore my true identity – beyond the roles I have known and the work I do. When I completely identified the form I presented myself and was perceived by the external physical world, I had no center, there is no way to calm me down. Because of this, I sought my courage in what I have lived in the world; That did not provide any stability because it was not rooted in me. I felt completely vulnerable, which fed the feelings of worry and anxiety. That was my inner journey to find my spiritual center that provided the “roots” I wanted to find in the outside world. These “roots” provide security and stability that I need to be able to travel the world with inner strength and knowledge.
    Believing that everything you need will come to you when you open up to your true Source: I’ve written a lot about the immobilizing fear gripped me as I entered a period of major changes in my life in the last year. This provided an incredible transformer learning opportunity. I had to learn to get out of my head, my own way, and allow my Higher Power to guide me. I learned over the months that when I asked for advice and I’m talking to him, everything I need to know flows through me. By opening in the direction of my higher self, the Holy Spirit, the Divine, God in me, I have learned to trust that what I have will be given to me when I ask and I am ready.
As I have learned to keep my fears and breathe in them, they pass through me. They proved to be nothing – ju

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