Different Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and effective

As an old practice, yoga has been proven true for weight loss. Yoga techniques are very effective with no side effects. That is why it is practiced all over the world for thousands of years. If you want to reduce your physical weight, you can count on yoga. effective.
You will see many postures to practice. But the most effective and popular poses are described below, for their help.
1- Wind installation:
Benefits: This pose is very effective in reducing fat around the abdomen.
• You should initially lie on the floor. Then try to collect the knees up to the chest. You can catch ankles to do.
• Keep your arms on your legs together and your knees as a hug. You should lift your head off the ground to do it.
• Take a deep breath and slowly relax.
2- Boat Pose:
Advantages: It will burn fat in the abdomen and make you energy.
• Sit with your knees and feet close to your chest.
• Raise the legs while maintaining the correct position.
• Keep your body and legs upright. The legs and body remain at a 45 degree angle to the ground.
• Extend your hand.
3- Snake attitude:
Advantages: It is very effective in the buttocks and abdomen.
• Lie on the ground having to face.
• Keep hands under your shoulders.
• Increase the strength in the hands and press palms on the floor, trying to lift the head with the chest, but keep the position of touching the abdomen with the floor.
• Take a deep breath for a while and then slowly relax.
4- attitude of the warrior:
Benefits: These pose work on the thighs, abs, arms, etc., and cause weight loss.
• Go up to the right.
• Keep your leg 45 degrees to the left on the floor.
• Bend the right leg at a 90 degree angle.
• hands, keeping the body straight anterior.
Yoga knows how it works effectively in your body.
1- Stimulation of the hepatic system:
When working yoga stimulates the functions of the liver. It helps to purify the blood. Healthy and bad fats are processed by the liver. And so yoga maintains the strength of health and the liver.
2- pH Balance:
Low pH is very harmful to health. It increases the acidity in the storage of fat in the body. So if you control heartburn, a little fat in your body will decrease. And yoga is very useful for maintaining the pH balance.
3- internal heat increase:
Yoga increases the internal heat of the body. Therefore the physical work of the body working well. Consequently, no bad fat can be stored in the body.
You should avoid confusion that yoga is very effective for a healthy weight and lose. So if you suffer from heavy weight, you just have to follow yoga and get the best result with a healthy lifestyle.

Different Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and effective

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