Five drinks to avoid if you want to get a flat stomach

You should combine an exercise routine effectively a healthy and nutritious diet, if you want to get a flat stomach. It is a well known fact that should reduce the intake of certain foods if you want to lose belly fat. But what you drink is also important. Here are 5 drinks preventing him from getting a flat stomach fast. drinks.

1) Alcohol 

Have a beer from time to time with friends is good, but alcohol contains many empty calories and a night of drinking can mean taking thousands of liquid calories. Instead of being burned by the body, calories are stored as fat and accumulate in the stomach. Alcohol also increases appetite and makes you feel like junk food that often means consuming more calories and sabotage your goals flat stomach. drinks.

2) Sodas 

Soda and soft drinks are something that many people continue to consume surprisingly when trying to get a flat stomach. However, both regular and diet sodas are harmful when it comes to burning belly fat. Regular Soda is full of sugar and causes you consume more calories than you need. These liquid calories and it becomes body fat and prevents you from getting lean toned abs. Soda can not contain calories, but they are full of chemicals that increase appetite and cause stomach bloating.

3) Fruit juices 

Although fruit juice provides your body with vitamins, it contains high levels of sugar and no fiber. Therefore, no it reduces appetite in the same way as fresh fruit and also leads to excessive eating often stored calories as fat. If you like to drink fruit juice, choose 100% fruit juice and steer clear of juice drinks that have added sweeteners. drinks.

4) Sports and Energy Drinks 

Sports and energy drinks are loaded with calories as sugary sodas. They may have more added nutrients, but you can find the same vitamins and minerals in low-calorie foods. People who want to get a flat stomach is to stay hydrated with water rather than sports drinks. Water has no preservatives, no sodium, and calories. You can drink a lot of water without increasing your calorie intake.

5) Drink Coffee 

Drinks like lattes, American, frappuchinos cappuccinos and drinks are very high in calories. Specialty coffees may contain 500 or more calories per cup, which is perhaps more than any meal! Black coffee is in calories and rich in antioxidants. But once the cream, flavored syrups and / or whipped cream is added, that innocent cup of black coffee becomes a minefield of fat and sugar. If you do not like black coffee, add some skim milk. drinks.

You may read the other articles on this blog if you want to find more ways to lose weight and get fit, confused about healthy eating and know the best training techniques to get the results you want.

Five drinks to avoid if you want to get a flat stomach

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