Ab workout and fat loss mistakes to avoid

If you want to discover some places where you can go wrong with your ab workouts and their attempts to lose belly fat, I have an interview for you here that you want to read. mistakes.
In the interview, the issue of training the abs and the great myths and errors we see in this area is discussed.
lose fat.
Here is a copy of part of the formation of the interview below. We will discuss the nutritional aspects necessary for losing enough body fat to cut those six pack abs in another article.
CB: Mike D’Okay, so where does the man or woman who goes wrong when it comes to training the abs come from? mistakes.
MG: Most people probably will be surprised by this answer. In their search for ‘six pack abs’, the biggest mistake I see people making is wasting much of their time training their abs directly … pumping all kinds of different specific exercises for the APA.
I’m sure you know what I mean. The person who is so hard to get those abs to show, that spend most of their time in the gym, with hundreds of representatives of various crunches, leg raises, twisting exercises, etc. Meanwhile, all that wasted time directly training the abs could have been better spent on a comprehensive training program designed body well to get a better metabolic response and increase levels of hormones burning fat in their bodies so. mistakes fat.
After all, lose belly fat covering the abs is the most important for most people looking to finally make your abs visible. Unfortunately, pumping away with hundreds of crunches and leg raises does not cause much of a metabolic response or hormonal fat burning. fat.
This is the main focus of my Truth about Abs book … Training programs around the body and proper nutrition to strip that stubborn belly fat and reveal the six pack hiding underneath!
Of course, it would not be an abs book if I do not focus on ab development too, but make sure first of all that the most important concepts for the sustainable reduction of body fat are included.
CB: Do you see any gender differences in mistakes? And most importantly, is there gender differences in response to different types of ab training? mistakes.
MG: To be honest, do not really need to train men and women differently. In short … the best exercises are the best exercises regardless of gender.
However, in terms of mistakes I see gender … Yes, I tend to see women more often deathly afraid to use weight training with anything but the very light weight. This is a shame, because the most effective way to take control of your body fat for life, is to maximize your muscle mass your body carries, in addition to working this hard muscle through intense resistance exercise regularly. fat.
It is important that women realize that strength training regulate the use of the heaviest resistance is not “bulk them” (as long as calorie intake is controlled), it is one of the key secrets lose body fat and stay lean all year. In fact, some of the leanest women who have trained in recent years are those that are not afraid to work hard with weights. mistakes fat.
I also realize that most women (and men too) spend too much time with slow cardio. This simply is not necessary, and how to combine resistance training with high intensity full body routines provides enough of a “cardio” session normally drive itself. We will return in a moment though. lose fat.
CB: What about abdominal old school? Do they use? Are they good, bad, or is “it depends”?
MG: Sit-ups are a controversial subject. I do not think are good or bad in itself, but rather “in the middle”. I just do not feel they are necessary, and I think we are much more effective abdominal exercises to focus. Personally, I almost never do sit-ups except occasionally for a little variety now and then.
CB: Give us a weekly sample ab training. How many days a week? What are some of the best exercises you want to choose? How many games? Representatives? Rest? fat.
MG: Well, first, I want to emphasize that the full body exercises that make up most of my programs indirectly work the abdominals and the entire region “core” of a decent measure. But usually I include about twice a week abs specific exercises routines. Training “specific -abs” generally only have about 5 minutes at most with very little rest between exercises.
Once people are past the stage to start making some initial resistance ab, I try to keep them away from exercises that are too easy, when you can do 50 or 100 representatives, who often is common with standard crunches . Instead, I want to focus on higher resistance exercises that actually stimulate the muscle fibers in a much higher degree. lose fat.
An example of improved resistance abdominal exercises are hanging leg raises with “pelvic curl up” appropriate. It’s funny but usually someone who has been losing so much time with hundreds of reps of crunches can usually make some solid Representatives when they first deal with some of these higher resistance exercises. lose.
We also make sure not to neglect some rotational movements, as well as some work for the deeper muscles like the transverse abdominis. fat.
CB: What do you use to burn fat, intervals or slow cardio? Or both? Gender differences here? Or differences between fitness levels (beginner vs. advanced)?
MG: In most cases, my answer is definitely intervals … or as I prefer to call it “variable intensity training”. Overall, I think the slow pace of balance cardio is a waste of time, especially if the goal is to lose fat sustainable.
I think people have to leave this way of thinking about zones and calories burned during the actual workout “fat burning”, and look at the big picture of what you do in your training session to encourage greater metabolic response your body … and the best metabolic and hormonal response is achieved through variable intensity training and strength training, not slow cardio at a steady pace. lose. fat.
Now I will say that if someone is really deconditioned and can not simply treat exercise routines even higher intensity, this does not mean that they can not easily use the low-level routines, but still use it in a “variable intensity” alternating between upper and lower levels throughout the workout stress. lose. fat.
So much for the part of “abs training” interview. We will discuss the nutritional aspects that need to lose enough body fat to get six pack abs visible in a separate article.
Be sure to take this free report that details over 27 specific metabolism boosting secrets Ab better training, abdominal exercises, fat loss.
Need more training ideas? This site has over 10,000 professionally designed training sessions by top fitness professionals on earth for every goal imaginable fitness: Ideas Drive Unlimited. lose.

Ab workout and fat loss mistakes to avoid

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