A new crazy belly fat burning workout

When you’re stuck and just can not seem to change the last traces of stubborn belly fat, then maybe it’s time to shock your body and to include these great tips on your exercise routine. workout fat.
Idea #1 – The weight / high intensity cardio training combined 60 seconds …
This is a unique way to structure your workouts and is ideal for a tea break and get new interesting results. new.
Most people usually include in your cardio workout at the end or beginning of your gym or exercise at home, or even go jogging, swimming, or whatever. fat.
But if you’re like me and find all cardio routine dull and boring slow, try these new tricks to liven things up and get two more training sessions for the price of one. new.
Now, the key to this exercise is to alternate short bursts of high intensity cardio work one minutes in his usual weight training series. workout fat.
Now he is not shock your body by increasing your metabolic rate through the introduction of something new, in turn, increases fat burning rate dramatically
For example, say you do 4 sets of pushups or 4 sets of bench … well, between sets of weight training, just add on any type of cardio at a high intensity for 1 minute. fat.
This explosion 1 minute cardio could be an explosion of 1 min at high speed on the treadmill, bike or rowing machine in a high value. You can even try to grab a jump rope and hit a super high speed 1 min intense jump rope between sets. fat.
So your routine looks like this:
Weight training set # 1
1 minutes of high intensity cardio
Weight training set # 2
1 minutes of high intensity cardio
Weight training set # 3
1 minutes of high intensity cardio
etc., etc.
New set of weight training exercise # 1
1 minutes of high intensity cardio
New set of weight training exercise # 2
1 minutes of high intensity cardio, etc., etc.
Now, this is a very powerful technique, but please note that it is very difficult and not for the beginner. fat.
But if you worked for a while and you’ve hit a wall and just can not seem to move these books and try this trick and you will be pleasantly surprised how fast that really works. fat.
Idea # 2: The “strange pull-up” …
I tried several times to mix my pull-ups to give me a harder variation as a challenge and increase my results.
This type of pull-up is for advanced students who can already do at least 8-10 or more normal tractions per game. fat.
What you do in this difficult style of pull-up is to use 2 small towels and wrap it around the bar at about shoulder width for each towel. Small “towel” size towels work best as a large towel is too big a handle to grip pull-up. You wrap a towel around each bar pull-up for at least 8.6 inches hang a towel under the pull-up bar. fat.
Then enter the towels as hard as you can (sections towel hanging under the bar) and start doing pushups. You are basically just grab the hanging towel and not his own pull-up bar. You will not be able to do as many push-ups than normal due to the difficult grip, so a couple of extra games. fat.
I can tell you … They are hard pull-ups and challenge your grip much! Just try these if it is very strong in the pull-ups. fat.
They offer a wide variation in mixing things in your exercise routine.
I hope you enjoyed these tips today and help you get a better education!
I suffered with fat belly, until I found these new techniques. You can also get the same results! fat.

A new crazy belly fat burning workout

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