The Beginner’s Guide Bikini Lines – options and methods of hair removal

The recent hot weather is a good indication summer days to come.

It is also a time when women start to think about waxing again. No more hiding under layers of clothing, heat means more human will be presented and increasingly rental.The skimpier bikini addition to the need to address the bikini line to ensure that there is no evidence at the edges or through the fabric. However, for many women, this area is still very confusing. Or the “Brazilian” approach “Hollywood” are too scary for a beginner, leaving them in his shorts back!

Bikini line Styles:  

If you do not know exactly what options or do not want to rush into a dramatic transformation at the moment, so here’s our simple guide to the best styles of bikini line:

  • 1) Standard bikini: good hair cut, only a small triangle to the left.
  •  2) Bikini Top: leaves only a thin strip.
  • 3) Brazil: leaves only a small stain on the pubis.
  • 4) Hollywood: the complete removal of all hair around the pubis, pelvic region and bikini.
  • 5) New: removing all the hair leaving a packaged form in the pubic bone, for example heart. 
The hair can be colored the same!DIY removal techniques bikini line hairMany women choose to treat unwanted hair at home. However, there are some drawbacks to consider.
• The shaved? It can be very difficult for shaving bikini area, since it is difficult to see exactly what you are doing and obviously you would not want to risk reduction.
• Waxing? Again, the visibility of the region faces the difficult and hot wax, there are risks involved.
• Cream? This can be useful for the edges, but even sensitive marked creams should not be allowed not anywhere near the most intimate area.Professional Treatments Bikini LineMany women use professional beauticians to keep in check the bikini area. 
Yes, you can feel embarrassing the first time, but remember that the therapist has numerous sessions, bikini line over the years. 
So if you are nervous about potentially exposing private areas, or worried about what they will think of their own attempts to personal care, do not worry.
On the other hand, an experienced beautician will be able to help you decide which method is best for you and how to shape the hair.
Popular professional hair removal options for the region include:The laser hair removal 
• – the best choice for permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle so that the hair does not grow back
• Waxing – Hair and this retreatment will be removed, the hair eventually grows back thinner. However, this is not a permanent solution, such as laser hair removal
• Electrolysis – for permanent disposal, best for small areas, as is one hair at a time Professional treatments are quick and complete, leaving skin smooth and hair-free skin. So do not be afraid to book more and put on your bikini with confidence.

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