Best skin from the inside: choose nuts and seeds for skin health and appearance

When you think of a better skin, do you think creams,powders, laser treatments or masks? Most people, but these are treatments that focus only on the outside of the skin. Provide good clean, sun protection and moisture levels in the skin while avoiding irritants are all important elements to make your skin look and feel good … But have you considered improving your skin from the inside?
The external methods are not the only ones that can be used for better skin health.
By eating the right foods, you give your body the building blocks it needs to form the firm, elastic and healthy skin from the inside. Your skin is a complex organ that requires proteins, oils, vitamins and minerals to look its best. There are cell membranes (formed from fatty acids), collagen, elastin (the fibers that give skin quality snap back), cell pigments, and hydration levels to keep an eye on. Sounds complicated, but the addition of tasty nuts and seeds on the menu, it can be easy for you. skin.
Antioxidants – What are they and how do they work for your life?
Antioxidants are substances that you need to protect against damage from free radicals. The best way to get your antioxidants is to eat them. Since you really “are what you eat” good foods provide plenty of free radical fighters. To learn as much work, you need to know: what are free radicals?
These poor molecules may be a byproduct of normal metabolism. Damage from free radicals can also be caused by exposure to pollutants in the environment, food or drink. Because your skin is the barrier between you and the outside world, which is exposed to all kinds of threats that pushes all day. We are all exposed to free radicals as part of everyday life, it is important to know what they are doing and how they can minimize their effects on you. skin.
Free radicals are formed when a molecule has one unpaired electron and becomes unstable. When a molecule is unstable, steal an electron from the nearest element it finds. (Usually, a body cell) Next, the molecule that was stolen becomes a free radical scavenging for a free electron to use so it will be stable again. Can damage almost anything that comes in contact with, and that is why the immune system sometimes creates and uses them as a weapon against invading it deems harmful. Because free radicals can create chain reactions by stealing electrons from the molecules that make up cells, can cause inflammation, cell damage and signs of premature aging. It is in their interest to fight free radicals with antioxidants. skin.
Oil Omega 3
Omega 3 oil is usually associated with cold-water fish and heart health. However, if you do not like fish or you are concerned about contaminants, the good news is that you can get from plants too. Chia seeds are actually the source of the highest floor of omega 3 and the easiest, because they know nothing. Unlike sesame or poppy, you can sprinkle chia any food you love to eat, get your omega-3 oil, and does not change the taste. This is especially important because you should try to get some omega 3 oil every day, and the use of chia says that will not be bored or leave … because it’s too easy to use in a variety of foods such. Flax seeds and nuts are also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, but you have to love the taste.
What is Omega 3 for you?
ALA, the simplest of Omega 3 (which your body can not produce, so you should consume) is designed to reduce redness of the skin and help retain moisture, which, as you know, erases fine lines. This oil is important for cell membranes, the cell that are used to maintain the appropriate amount of water. Healthy membranes and healthy humidity levels equal in their cells. You have seen all the commercial moisturizer, now you can moisten the skin from the inside.
Vitamin E
Your body can not manufacture this vitamin, so you should get the food they consume. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. There are supplements available, but it is best to avoid synthetic E, for health reasons. E natural, as found in popular foods such as avocados, walnuts, chia seeds, mangoes, sweet potatoes and spinach even is your best choice. Whenever E, almond is your first choice of the nut. You only need about 15 mg per day for healthy skin is super small amount that is easy to get food.
Almonds are a number, but if you do not like, do not worry because apples, tomatoes and walnuts (if your extension favorite chocolate hazelnut may also have E!) Order E too. E is a fat soluble vitamin. This means it can be absorbed by the body if there is a bit of healthy fat around when you eat. That is why it is a good idea to make sure it is not a healthy around eating tomatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes or apple fat. Other foods listed as almonds, peanuts and avocados are already offering their own healthy vegetable fats, so you do not need to combine with something else to get your E. skin.
zinc –
This mineral is an anti-inflammatory. You already know that excessive inflammation is not good for the skin, but the zinc has been designed to help accelerate the renewal of skin cells when a damaged cell. This is important for the appearance of the skin due to external influences such as UV rays and pollution in the air can cause skin damage or irritation. Zinc also the powers that T cells of the immune system to fight threats such as bacteria or viruses that try to damage your skin. It has been designed to help fight acne problems and skin generally help heal faster when there is enough available zinc in the body.
Most plants zinc-origin is difficult for your body to use. It is abundant in red meat and fish, but what if you’re a vegetarian? It is also found in eggs and some milk and fortified cereals. Pumpkin seeds, chia, sesame, lentils (beans are the seeds), cashew nuts and quinoa whole plant based on zinc. Note that plants based on zinc is less bioavailable than zinc in red meat, fish, shellfish and shrimp, although the subject of soaking seeds is under consideration to increase the bioavailability of zinc. Always ask your doctor whether you need to complete (vitamins zinc are inexpensive and lowercase), especially if you have a skin disease that you want to fight. seeds.
You already know the benefits digestion of fiber and cholesterol, but do you think can benefit your skin too know? The fiber, soluble fiber in particular helps slow the conversion of sugars from carbohydrates body. This reduces peak insulin, which in turn, reduces inflammation. Inflammation (specifically repeated episodes) affects most of the diseases of the skin and how the skin aging. Keep low flash to make your skin look fresh.
Insulin Spike foods include sugars and white flour (starch is converted to sugar during digestion immediately) Foods that are high in white flour or sugar are generally as 0 fiber foods or low. Keep insulin levels, even for constant energy and reduces inflammation by eating fiber-rich foods at every meal. Beans are a type of seed, but nobody wants black beans or dried peas for breakfast. Oatmeal and are both good options for breakfast, especially when you consider all the fun, new quick ways to make tasty oatmeal. What about yogurt? O shakes? Chia seed has two types of fiber to help you: soluble and insoluble. For low-fiber yogurt, a tablespoon of chia in a snack rich in fiber without changing the taste. seeds.
Magnesium –
Magnesium works with two other minerals to improve overall health and skin health. This helps in calcium absorption, especially when combined with boron micronutrient. Chia seeds have all 3 of these minerals in a small package. Magnesium is essential for the DNA repair enzymes of the skin cells and regulate the right amount of fatty acids to help build the walls of healthy cells. You can also reduce histamine caused skin allergies.
You can supplement with magnesium pills, but a healthy menu can easily include magnesium-rich foods so that your body can naturally absorb this healthy mineral. Leafy greens are # 1 in magnesium, but Brazil-nuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds and lentils are also good sources. Brazil nuts may not be as good, but sunflower seeds can add a great crisis to salads, lentils are great in soups and stews, and tahini (sesame seed paste) is an interesting ingredient recipes spices. seeds.
Protein –
Most people think of protein for muscle building, improvement of exercise or weight loss, but is essential for a healthy younger looking skin. There are 20 amino acids needed for good health. Your body can make all of them, except for 9. These nine acids you need to consume in the food you eat, this is where the term “complete protein” comes from. Your body converts the amino acids in protein to grow faster and healthier nails, abundant hair follicles, and elastic.
The collagen and elastin fibers are made of proteins that give skin, is the quality of elastic rebound for a facelift. health.The quinoa (a grain), chia (who complete protein, such as meat), peanut butter, hemp seeds, soybeans (but beware of plant estrogens), black beans with rice (wild or not) and spirulina they are all rich in protein. Of course, meat, eggs and milk also. Enough protein will fight bags under the eyes and balance blood sugar for help because it is metabolized slowly. seeds.
A varied diet plan with lots of colorful plant foods healthy enriches your health and your skin … but noticed a seed that falls on all categories of health-related skin nutrients? Only chia seed is part near the top of each category. It is also the only element of bad taste on their own. Chia value lies in its ability to be added to almost any other food that is already enjoying without changing the taste. Small, discrete seeds can be used with all meals to stimulate the skin and overall health. seeds.
Why stay with only topical treatments when you can use an easy seed to beautify the interior and exterior skin?

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