Breastfeeding should be comfortable and effective

In my opinion, there is no reason to breastfeed or not. If it’s comfortable, and effective, it just is.

What does that mean?
Well, all the doctors and nurses seem to care about is whether it is effective. That is, the baby is getting enough? Of course, what is important and you should know exactly how to be able to tell if breastfeeding works.
Know if breastfeeding is “effective.”
If that fails, then you need to seek help from a lactation consultant as soon as possible.
If effective, has 50% of the way. Yes, only 50%. Why? Because there are two people who are breastfeeding. Baby and mom.
Yes, you know that Mrs. bags attached to baby food. And I believe the matter. So much. In my personal experience, providers of healthcare forget that mom is still there sometimes. They think that if the baby is healthy, breastfeeding is good.
But you matter. You do!
Breastfeeding should be comfortable. No need to look a certain way, he needs to feel a certain way.
I have this pet peeve. Say a mother holds a baby on her chest and bent visibly pained. His fingers curl up, his eyes water and cries a little. Then a nurse “keeps blocking” and said it “looks good”. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding blocking just sometimes hurts.
I’m calling bullshit flag on this one.
Now. Wait, wait. I’m not saying that breastfeeding does not hurt sometimes. I say it’s not normal to hurt. I say that you should never accept pain as an inevitable part of breastfeeding. Pain should be your signal for help. If it helps it says “looks good to me” say “Sucks to be you.” Then look different help.
If you are in pain during breastfeeding and a nurse tells you that you are doing everything right, which is basically saying that no matter what you do, you will always be what a lot of pain. Why on earth anyone who breastfeed for more than two days if they know that there is no end to this terrible god nipple torture?
If you describe your nipple pain as nothing more than “pain sensitive” help. Just get some professional eyes on your lock. I can do almost more comfortable lock or get your head in the direction of greater comfort. Never never never let a woman leave my office feeling as if there was no hope.
Similarly, there is no “right” way to breastfeed. If you place your child and how wobbly and does not hurt, then great! That’s good.
There is no right or wrong way to breastfeed. Football, Madonna cradle position upside …
If breastfeeding is comfortable and effective, it just is.

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