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Like many music lovers know, standing next to the speakers at a rock concert can seriously affect the way you hear for the next hour. But the extent of damage that can be done with an output range of noises that can damage your ears and listen to someone speed becomes at risk without adequate protection is quite amazing. hearing.
All heavy construction equipment and aircraft exercises and dental bands can damage your hearing, and a single exposure can cause ringing in the ears – tinnitus – or temporarily deaf.ears.
Regular exposure, moreover, could cause permanent damage leading to a more severe hearing problem. protection.
Inner ear of a human being is composed of several parts, but one of the most basic is the cochlea – the spiral of the inner ear. Your cochlea has two types of hair cells: inner hair cells and outer hair cells. Are these hair cells by prolonged exposure to loud noise damage.
While your hair cells can be small, that are critical to your ability to hear. The hair cells of the outer ear is the key to your ability to hear soft sounds, like a whisper or rustling leaves. His hair cells in the inner ear sends information to the brain and are a vital link between hearing a sound and understand what that means.
According to the research of loud sounds – also called “high intensity” sounds – do serious damage to both cell types, whereas long-term exposure to low intensity wreaks havoc on the hair cells in the outer ear. In summary, the two types of exposure to noise can seriously affect your ability to hear. deaf.ears. 
You may think you will be able to skate through the practice of occasional concert or band without damaging your hearing, but the amount of noise that the human ear can safely face is surprisingly low. For example, being at a party with a band is only safe for about five hours a week, while one afternoon a week in a bar blues may last only nine minutes before your inner ear is in danger. hearing.  Amazing you can spend around a band of just four seconds and a week before the hearing is at risk.
With so many wonderful experiences related to inner ear damage, which is always a good idea to be protected and, luckily, there are a range of solutions for excellent protection, ear plugs ears more defenders that can help you maintain your hearing sure in the coming years.hearing.

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