The sports car Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 – A close look at the making of this classic sports car, technical data, characteristics, rival comparison, history, prices used from classic to contemporary.
The production cycle of sports cars Ferrari 360 six, finally ended in 2005.
However, his successor, the two-seater Ferrari F430 engine waiting in the wings, and was duly launched in 2004 at the Paris Salon. The basic model is priced at around $ 187,000 in price.
F430 aerodynamic style Pininfarina had greatly increased downward force compared to the 360 due in part to the addition of a flap on the front bumper.
Air deflectors were added to the rear to increase ground effect, which adds to the force down.
There were two air intakes in the front apron tied to another channel air under the car.
However, even with these additions, the overall drag coefficient remains unchanged.
The result was that the new car is substantially different from its predecessor appearance.
It was equipped with all drives Brembo, which are composed of an alloy whose constituents helped improve heat dissipation in a sudden and prolonged braking.
As an additional optioanal, ceramic composite discs, with many more features anti-fading, have been proposed as an alternative.
Employees drive sports car F430 limited slip differential team, called E-Diff, which automatically controlled allocated power to the wheels according to road conditions.
This feature is part of the monitoring system Manettino where the driver can select the control function iportant that time, such as:
• Electronic control of suspension settings and traction control.
• Change the speed of the F1 speed box type.
• Adjust the throttle response.
• Manage E-Diff.

It was available in both F1 paddle shift or manual six models of type gearbox.
The E-Diff electronic differential was used in the corridors of cars for many years and, on the track, the maximum cornering said, which prevents wheel spin.
Manettino five switch configuration has been widely used in the race, and both the red and the start button is placed on the wheel.
The F430 uses 19-inch wheels, and was shod with Goodyear specifically for the car.
Unlike the 360, the interior of the F430 sports car was designed to hold only luxuries and features needed, part of a new Ferrari minimalist approach.
The car featured an aluminum body, chassis and engine, while the cabin was raised, and offered an excellent level of passenger comfort, with enough space behind the seats for the most necessary.
The 360 is the latest Ferrari V8 engine based on the first design statement with racing engines 1950.
Following the acquisition of Ferrari Maserati, the company has designed a 4.2-liter V8 engine specifically for Maserati.
Then it rose to 4.3 liters, with a longer stroke, which allowed him to rev higher.
The new 4.3-liter, dual overhead cam, V8 engine with a flat surface crank, 11.3: 1 compression, and based on the Maserati unit developed 483 hp at 8500 rpm (red line) and 343 ft / lbs of torque at 5250 rpm, the vast majority were on tap at 3500 rpm.
In terms of performance, the F430 has a top speed of 196 mph with a time of 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds.
Compared to the engine 360, which was 25% more torque, and an increase of 22% in production.
In a departure from the unit 360 with five valves per cylinder, the F430 engine returned to the classic arrangement of four valves.
In addition, it has been equipped with a complete different bar crank, pistons and con.
Though the engine displacement was increased to 0.5 liters, which was only 4 kg more, and actually was a bit smaller, which increases the versatility.
Typical sports car Ferrari F430 competitors were as follows: Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 997 Turbo, and Ascari KZ-1. Ferrari Performance:
A sports car Ferrari F430 in good condition sold about $ 120,000, while for example in excellent condition could command about $ 150,000.

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