Natural method for eye diseases to avoid another surgery and presbyopia

Acupuncture is a great way to try to control the pressure in the eye that certain acupuncture points are related to the muscles and helps the internal fluids of the eye to improve.
That said, glaucoma can be treated successfully with these natural alternative therapies.
With respect to traditional treatments for these types of disorders of refraction and other eye, such as presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia, farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism, traditional solutions have proven such as contact lenses on surface of the eye and laser surgery.
Laser surgery can successfully remove such alterations of refraction:
1) Myopia
2) Astigmatism (American Optometric Association) / Wikipedia
3) hyperopia
4) The combinations of the foregoing
Presbyopia surgery is not among them.
Natural approach to avoid surgery for presbyopia.
Eye Vision.

Natural approach to refractive errors such
If you want to find natural ways to improve vision without reaching the laser eye surgery:
You can explore a kind of revolutionary recently launched, such as the restoration of my vision today by Dr. Sen and Samantha Pearson, including the treatment of presbyopia business solutions glaucoma, nearsightedness, farsightedness, hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and including macular degeneration.
On the other hand, there are some exercises you can try to give a better eye health, as follows.
(Let me clarify: Surgery for presbyopia can not be avoided with these exercises, if you want to get rid of physical intervention to you regarding presbyopia explore this solution by Dr. Sen and Samantha Pearson.
The first thing to do (in relation to the exercise) begins to accustom the eyes to not be lazy and it is important to have visual routines or exercises targeting our eyes.
We do these exercises because our eyes to make them work objectives are set.
So we do not used to start watching without our glasses.
Exercises to strengthen our eyes naturally
There are also a number of exercises that you can start doing to significantly improve our vision.
The most important visual exercise routine is as follows:
Having the head in a fixed position, you should look at the different endpoints:
1) Search (eg the roof of our house)
2) Pending
3) Looking down
This procedure is repeated three times for 5 seconds are (or what your eyes can not stand)
4) Next, turn to the right without moving your head
5) Next look at the center
6) Then left
Again, this procedure is repeated three times now looking for 5 seconds (or allowing you to keep your eyes)
Finally, take a pencil and place it at a distance of about 30 cm in front of your eyes
Then gradually bring pencil, keeping the focus on the end, you should keep looking only at the tip.
Then bring the pen slowly to the eye.
This is an exercise that can be repeated two or three times a day, which can help a lot for the health of your eyes and type the refractive changes.
House Solutions for myopia
For myopia, is a natural juice which can serve to have a lot of safety course.
These juices must be done individually and want to mix.
To sweeten, add brown sugar or honey.
Take 4 or 5 drinks a day to feel better. These are the options you have:
Half cup of cooked pumpkin
Half a glass of juice squash
Half a glass of carrot juice and half a cup of soy milk
Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the main symptom is ocular pressure. This pressure is comparable to the over pressure of an automobile tire. The eye has generated internal fluid pressure to the outside and this pressure can cause pain and discomfort.
Another symptom is that the visual field is reduced (the peripheral visual field is the vision you have). For these types of symptoms, it is said that glaucoma is a silent disease because it can cause blindness in a given without the patient realizes time. For this reason we recommend twice yearly visit to the eye doctor so you can check the eye pressure and you can check if your peripheral vision is correct and behaves normally.
Here are some alternative natural therapies that are an excellent treatment for these diseases. These treatments consist of the following:
1) drops for glaucoma management.
2) The use of traditional therapies biochemistry
3) Eye nutrients such as magnesium and zinc.
If you make these applications significantly, it can really help to control glaucoma and also the use of traditional medicine will help in herbal medicine. This way, you will be able to avoid eye surgery laser unwanted.
Biochemical properties in food plants active substances that relax the body, affecting the ocular pressure.
I hope this information has been helpful to the health of your eyes. I hope you have saved to surgery for presbyopia.

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