Protect your eyes from macular degeneration

Macular degeneration occurs when part of the retina deteriorates. It is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in older Americans. For this reason it is also called macular degeneration related to age or AMD. eyes macular.
There are two types of AMD: dry (non-neovascular) and wet (neovascular). The dry version sometimes evolve into more serious wet. Neovascular refers to a state in which new blood vessels grow in an area where there are supposed to be.
It’s all about the Macula
The two types of AMD affects the macula, an oval yellow disk that is near the center of the retina. The most damaging in the visual spectrum filter yellow macula of an essential to protect and maintain the vision and blue light pigment. As we age, pigmentation begins to crumble and the macula begins to lose its protective power. Vision loss is slow and painless, but it becomes clear to patients when everyday tasks like reading and driving becomes more difficult.
eyes macular.
With dry AMD, the tissues surrounding the macula begin using as pigment deteriorates, sometimes leaving small deposits in the macula. Patients can see the blind spots in central vision.
About ten percent of cases progress to wet dry, where new blood vessels begin to grow under the retina, in an attempt to create a new network to carry more nutrients and oxygen there. This backfires, however, as new vessels leak blood and fluid, causing even more damage.
eyes macular.
Make your eyes each year to catch early AMD
Ophthalmologist can often detect early signs of AMD through an eye exam with dilation before a patient notices symptoms. That’s why it is important to have your eyes checked regularly; some people are diagnosed at age 50, though the damage starts before.
Researchers believe the disease can sometimes be hereditary, so if someone in your family has had AMD. White women seem to be at higher risk. Other risks include:
• The color of light eyes, especially with blue eyes
• Hypertension
• High cholesterol
• Obesity
• Smoking
Prevention and treatment of AMD
There is no cure for AMD, but researchers have recently identified new treatments for the intermediate stages and at the end of two Eye Disease Study Age-Related (AREDS). These studies show that getting more of some nutrients can delay disease in middle and later stages and may provide some protection to people at risk for it.
Lutein and zeaxanthin (pronounced zee-uh-za’n thin) are carotenoids and form the majority of the pigmentation of the macula. Consumption, with a little zinc and antioxidants can decrease AMD. They are available in the market “eye vitamins” and certain foods like cooked kale, cabbage, green beans and broccoli. Raw or cooked spinach, raw romaine lettuce, eggs and oranges are intended to help both.
If not, take steps to prevent eye damage. Wear a hat and sunglasses, and if you smoke, quit. Smoking can cause cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and diabetes, which can also damage the retina.
eyes macular.
Advanced AMD or wet at times can be slowed down with treatment, but not cured. Patients can be injected with drugs that stimulate the growth of blood vessels slow. Another treatment is photodynamic therapy, which the patient is breathing a drug called verteporfin moving in unwanted blood vessels. The drug is activated with a laser to retard the growth of blood vessels. Thermal laser surgery can also treat certain types of wet macular degeneration.
With early detection, the rate of vision loss can be slowed. The keys are to understand their condition, manage your symptoms and see your doctor regularly. Even with macular degeneration, you can still enjoy an active lifestyle.

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