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Many people have the misconception that the LASIK surgery requires a long convalescence, where the activities of exercise, strenuous training and are not possible. However, this is a myth; Most people are able to return to work the next day and certain levels of exercise are feasible soon after. Now that summer is officially here and people work and play outdoors, this article explains how LASIK benefits the athlete in you every day. Everyday.

Chasing after LASIK: 

Whether you’re a veteran or you run weekly marathon runner athlete every day can quickly resume your routine. In just two days after LASIK, runners can resume your normal routine operation, even losing a weekday or fitness training. Everyday.
LASIK can provide pilots with great benefits by eliminating:
• Need to clean and find your contacts or glasses before going to the gym or out running.
• The symptoms of burning, stinging and itching associated with sweat mixes with the fluid contacts and contact.
• Wear safety glasses cause difficulties to exercise or enforce.
• Need to stop and clean vessels and sweat condensation.
• The risk of breaking or losing his glasses during exercise and training.
Swimming After LASIK:
Pool after LASIK requires a break of two weeks after the day of the procedure. It is important to keep water out of your eyes and not immerse the head in water to maximize protection against infection and allow your refurbished corneal tissue to heal. Keep your eyes without chlorinated water for 14 days also reduces the chances of dry eye useless. Dry eye is a common effect of the back of the LASIK surgery to be addressed proactively by your LASIK surgeon. Everyday.
The long-term benefits of LASIK surgery for swimmers are:
• Minimizing the risk of eye infections that chlorinated water can cause infections in users Contact.
• A clear vision while swimming for those who wear glasses and are not able to wear contact lenses.
• Disposal costs of prescription eyeglasses high prices
• No more route calculation; greatly improved the ability to see clearly that swim lanes.
Contact Sports After LASIK
Athletes in contact sports are another category of people who can quickly recover their ability to play after LASIK. However, this category of everyday athlete requires a little more care. First, all the all-laser, blade-free LASIK is particularly important for the contact sport athlete. The reason for this is that the flap with a laser having improved adhesion as compared to that with a cutter. This is one reason why the military does not allow the blade LASIK. After LASIK, in just two days, people who like contact sports such as racquetball, tennis, volleyball, football, basketball, soccer and baseball can pick up your snowshoes, crampons and knee, both to protect the eyes taken as reliable. These glasses should be worn for one month after LASIK, as it is essential to protect your eyes from sudden bumps, shock and acute trauma. However, with such a pair of durable protection, LASIK patients can still enjoy your favorite sports games on the contacts between week after surgery, never missing a training or game time. Everyday.
It is generally recommended that some sports that is likely or guaranteed to be completely avoided during the first month to maximize safety and reduce the risk of sudden movement of the cornea, brutal person to person contact. Activities such as karate, krav maga, kung fu and other martial arts have an increased risk of injury due to its offensive and defensive process.
After LASIK, the daily lives of athletes in contact sports be eliminated:
• The chances of broken glass
• Sports Glasses expensive prescription purchases
• The probability of contacts or relocate during games or matches.
• Risk of eye injury from broken glass.
• Irritation involved in perspiration or sunscreen enters the eye contacts and reacts with the solution and contacting.
If you are an athlete every day I thought of LASIK surgery, but fears that the recovery process would take too long or would not exercise for several weeks. Athlete

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