The best diet for weight loss is a personalized plan that works best for you

The best diet to lose weight is a personalized plan that works best for you . {lose weight}
  • What is the best diet to lose weight?{the best for you}This is a question I hear all the time.{The best diet}Often when I meet with the patient for the first time , I say : “I heard that the best way to lose weight is to go vegan ” or ” stay away from carbohydrates ” or “stop eating after 5:00 .” And I always say the same – ” the best weight loss diet is one that works for you .{The best diet} ” If there was a single ” best diet ” to lose weight – it worked for everyone – you probably have not heard a new diet fashion after a few months .{lose weight}
  • I think there really is no ” one size fits all ” when it comes to a weight loss diet .{the best for you}Perhaps you know someone who has lost weight by becoming a vegetarian, or cut out carbs , or not eating after sunset , but you know enough to know that these strategies do not work for you.{The best diet}
  • So when I meet someone , do not try to solve the problem until we know exactly what the problem is .{The best diet}If I had known , I ask you to give me an idea of what you normally eat in a day, and then I’ll ask that you think the problem lies .{lose weight}Are you an emotional eater – grab food when you are alone , or down , or bored ? Do you eat when you’re not really hungry ? Do you skip meals ? Did you eat the right foods, but have a problem with portion control ? Is frequent trips and restaurant meals while traveling?{lose weight}
  • From there , I suggest you take a few days to take a good honest look at your eating habits. You want to keep a food diary and write down everything you eat and how much.{lose weight} Want to keep in mind that your state of mind was before eating , prompting you eat and your mood afterwards.{The best diet}You should also evaluate your hunger level before you start, and their level of satiety when you were through .{the best for you}Want to keep track of the number of meals you have prepared , and how much you ate out .{lose weight}
  • After a few days , have a pretty good idea of what you need to work – and how you can create a personalized plan for weight loss that works for you .{The best diet}Maybe you eat in restaurants often because they want to cook, or because they travel a lot – for friends ” raw food ” love might not work for you.{the best for you}Maybe you skip meals because you think it will help reduce calories, but his diary finally says that if you eat, you are absolutely starving – and beyond stuffed when it is full.{lose weight}Maybe your weight loss strategy is to eat a salad for lunch every day – but you realize you just do not like .{lose weight}
  • The best weight loss diet for you is the one that will take all these factors into account – your lifestyle , your usual eating habits , likes and dislikes.{The best diet}I can not express how important this is , because the only thing you can not ( and should not ) do is put your life on hold in order to lose weight.{The best diet}Remember that what you do in order to get the weight , which is the same to do to stay in shape – you only practice for the long term , so you can understand from the exit door .{lose weight}
  • That said, there are some basic guidelines that can help you create ” the best diet to lose weight. ” Using these principles as a basis for their own customized plan .{The best diet}
  • The best weight loss diet should include the following six points :{The best diet}
  • Pay attention to the balance of calories{lose weight}
  • To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you burn each day.{The best diet} Weigh yourself weekly ( Fridays are good – if you had a good week , the balance to tell, and it will help you stay on track for the weekend ) . {lose weight}A safe rate of weight loss is 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week.{lose weight} If you are not losing in this case , you need to reduce calories and / or parts and build your business.{the best for you}
  • Take adequate amounts of lean protein healthy{lose weight}
  • Fish , chicken breast , lean meats, low fat dairy products , protein powder and vegetable proteins such as beans , lentils and soy helps satisfy hunger and also help the body maintain lean body mass . Try to have a source of protein at every meal and snack.{the best for you}
  • Focus on healthy carbohydrates{lose weight}
  • Vegetables , fruits and whole grains are healthy sources of carbohydrates. The vegetables have fewer calories per bite , followed by fruits and grains.{lose weight}All are important for a healthy diet , but when trying to lose , you can shift your focus to a little more than vegetables. But do not feel pressured to repress latest trend over the fruit or vegetable . There are literally hundreds of edible fruits and vegetables in the world – to find the ones you like .
  • Look fat intake , and focus on healthy fats
  • Calories from fat accumulates very quickly , so it is best to reduce your fat intake whenever you can . Use small amounts of healthy fats – such as olive oil or nuts , or a lawyer – to add flavor to food, but do not overdo .{lose weight}
  • Practice Portion Control
  • Even if you make the right choice , you will not lose weight if you are still eating . If this sounds like you , try to reduce the portion size by 20 % to start . It’s a very small change to not be as noticeable, but might be enough to get your weight back on track .
  • Eat at regular intervals{lose weight}
  • Skipping meals rarely works as a strategy to lose weight – most people get too hungry . Most people find that eating small amounts of food every few hours works best. It does not take much food to satisfy hunger, and that will never go that long without food you get too hungry.

The best diet for weight loss is a personalized plan that works best for you

The best diet, Lose weight, the best for you

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