The 10 Best Cities For Young Job Seekers

  • Employment trends in general, not looking great for the young , but that may be partly because the 20 – something’s today are not looking in the right places{job seekers}
  • Since the beginning of the millennium, in 2011 , Americans used their 20 years of age (21 T0 25 ) increased from 84 % to 72 % . Moreover, the employment rate among people between 20 (26-30 years ) dropped from 88% to 80 % , according to a new study by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce (AI) .{job seekers}
  • To help these young job seekers increase their chances of finding work, AI researchers analyzed where, exactly , their prospects are better .{job seekers}
  • Using data from 2010 U.S. Census and the American Community Survey, the IA has compiled a list of 10 U.S. cities with the highest rate of employment for 21-30 years.{job seekers} The analysis was limited to cities with a population of at least 200,000 young .{job seekers} It was found that in cities with better job opportunities and peak 20 , the employment rate of young people ranged from 75 % to 80 % , significantly higher than the national average of 70% .{job seekers}
  • The numbers do not lie. This is a case where relocating for your career could make a big difference{job seekers}
  • The same rate in March from school to work and retirement no longer apply to an increasing proportion of Americans .{job seekers} Many young people start their careers later, while older people are working longer.{employment rate} As a result , training and labor market institutions that were the basis of a system of the 20th century are not synchronized with the knowledge economy of the 21st century . {job seekers}
  • New economic realities have created other life cycle phases of work and learning :{job seekers}
  1. Access to education for belt full time career and family formation is delayed for many young adults.{employment rate}The age at which young people reach the average wage increased from 26 to 30 (Figure 1.4) .{job seekers}
  2. Phases of education , work and retirement are no longer linear :{job seekers}The educational system of young people and learning about the workplace has been replaced by a life expectancy ¬ continuous improvement and learning the skills necessary to adapt to new technologies in the workplace and professional development structure .{job seekers}
  3. The race in retirement bypass extends beyond 65 years , especially for university workers .{employment rate}
  4. To accommodate these changes , young adults and older need a smooth transition in and out of the labor force :{employment rate} Young adults need to mix work and learning in the early stages to accelerate its launch full-time career .{job seekers}
  5. Older people need less brutal career transition and retirement , including a more flexible work phase before full retirement .{job seekers}
  6. As the Great Recession has destroyed billions of dollars of American wealth and left millions of unemployed workers ,{employment rate} questions about the welfare of generations have become increasingly common in the pub ¬ public sphere.{job seekers} Older workers have been successful in their retirement portfolios and concerns will face later retirement or lower your life permanently .{seeking job}Youth employment has fallen to levels not seen since the early 1970s , before the great contributions of women in the labor force has peaked.{employment rate}  For young men , employment1 rate fell to a level not seen since the Great Depression .{job seekers}
  7. As explained in Part IV ,{employment rate}the notion that older people delaying retirement many young people in the labor market is FALSE – there will be more jobs created by the retirement outputs for all young people in the next 10 years were in the 1990s ,{employment rate} when young adults could easily find a job.{employment rate}On the other hand , it is clear that the increase in funding for the multitude of public consumption to public investment in infrastructure , education and research and development ¬ , which are essential to promote economic growth in the long run. Before 1980 , the government spent about 2.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP ) of the investment, but an average of only 1.8 percent between 1985 and 2009.2 education budgets at the federal , state and local have pressed for the last decade .{job seekers}
  8. Some requirements, such as cutting and training programs , or to encourage older workers to leave the labor market to open jobs for young adults are against – productive , and former exacerbate the costs associated with aging population .{job seekers}
  9.  In contrast, the United States needs to find ways to improve the productivity of your system human capital development ,{seeking job} first by promoting transparency for students and their families to fully understand the value proposition of education and the second by the rationalization programs to promote college affordability ,{seeking job} completion and skills with labor market value .{job seekers}The public should also facilitate access to the labor market by supporting the connection of historically disadvantaged groups in the workplace,{seeking job} increase flexibility that allows people to earn while you learn and the elimination of incentive structures can cause people to leave the labor market rather than paid work.{seeking job}More generally , policies that promote the growth of the labor force and economic growth will ease the growing tension between public investment and consumption .

The 10 Best Cities For Young Job Seekers

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