Top 5 Weight Loss Exercise To Do at Home

  • Everyone wants to have a perfect figure to grow in importance in the current world blind. Fitness Industry is packed with innovations and achieve the hourglass figure is not limited to models , can also be achieved with determination and perseverance.{Exercise}It is not necessary that you need an entry in a gym to achieve your dream body . With simple exercises at home , you can stay in shape and lose weight effectively. In addition , also takes into account the fad diets fitness market that claim to offer the results of rapid weight loss . You have in mind that these are not healthy options for weight loss . To lose weight safely , you need to incorporate an exercise routine all-inclusive and a healthy diet in your lifestyle .{Exercise}

Guidelines for workouts at home

  • If you have decided to lose weight simply by doing exercises at home , must follow certain guidelines for your healthy diet.
  • Consult your physician and know the body parts that have to work. This will help you choose the right exercises .{Exercise}
  • Start training with a slow pace and gradually increase the intensity only after obtaining complete knowledge .

Choose a well ventilated for training.{Exercise}

  • Eat a healthy diet and experienced with your workouts .
  • Exercise properly and do not rush to finish the routine that could lead to injury.
  • Breathe evenly throughout your exercise routine .{Exercise}
  • Now let’s focus on the driving and learn some effective home workout sessions to lose weight .

Home Cardio

  • Running into cardio like dancing , jumping and running static lets you burn a lot of calories and help weight loss . These exercises also will help you gain strength and increases endurance. Dance workouts are ideal for night. You can dance to their favorite music rhythms at least 30 minutes a day. Jumping is a great workout if you have enough space to run it. It provides a full body workout , you can start with a minimum and gradually increase . The static jogging can be done in any area of your home. If you prefer, you can turn the music to beat boredom .{Exercise}

Stretching exercises{home}

  • Stretching exercises are essential if incorporated some cardio exercises in your workout routine . Stretching exercises are recommended to be carried out immediately after completion of cardio. Stretching exercises help to lose weight in specific body parts . The most important are bound to lose love handles , tone the muscles of the back and waist.{Exercise}
  • Losing love handles – you lie supine on the floor with your legs straight . Lift the body without bending the legs / knees . Repeat this for 20 times.
  • Toning the muscles of the back – Lie down and keep your hands off . Slowly lift your chest and look up. Hold the position for a while strengthening the back muscles .{Exercise}
  • Size – Keep the weight as 500 ml bottles filled with water in each hand. Each side alternately pointing double the size of each side. Repeating this for 15 times on each side .{home}

abdominal{Weight Loss}

  • Crunches can be done in toning the abdominal muscles. You can do crunches on the floor or exercise balls . Running two diagonal abdominals and obliques help your achieve toned abs .{Exercise}


  • This is a fun exercise and very involved in their implementation. It is not necessary that you have to be a professional dancer to take this training. There are dance fitness videos available on CD. You can follow the movements educated and try to extend the exercise to sweat a lot.

Climbing stairs

  • It is a natural activity of daily life . In addition to using the stairs for their personal tasks , you can spend the time to do it as a workout. Up and down for about 4-5 times will help you burn a lot of calories.

Top 5 Weight Loss Exercise To Do at Home

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