Top 5 Cardio Exercises

There are different types of cardio exercises for different purposes. The most popular models are the cardio exercises – lose weight, lose belly fat , correct knee problems , body sculpting and more specific types . If you want to lose weight and tone your body then integrate a good cardio workout and be persistent in that will help you reach the goal. It also helps a lot of cardio to lose fat in certain body parts or the whole. The nature of the cardio workout is that it can be done by either gender, age group and also people who are obese .{popular}It also has an interesting variety of cardiovascular exercises that can be termed as cardio fun including water sports , outdoor activities , activities plant activities and committed home that will keep both your body and mind . Let’s talk about the five cardio exercises that offer effective results.{popular}

  • jogging{cardio exercises}
  • It is considered one of the most effective way to lose weight and suitable for all age groups in great cardio workout routines . If you have a gym membership that can be run with the treadmill or use the hiking trails in the area and run for about 30 minutes a day.{cardio exercises}At first it may be a little difficult in the knee joints , as they are used to it, you can gradually increase the intensity . Besides running , you can also get good partnerships with like-minded people to run on the same tracks .{popular}
  • Cycling{cardio exercises}
  • It can be termed as an outdoor activity if you prefer biking in the streets. There are also teams inside stationary bike that you can use if you have a busy work life and leave is not possible for you. Besides allowing to lose the extra kilos , cycling also strengthens leg muscles .{cardio exercises}If you are a student , you can start with a low intensity and a cycle of 20-30 minutes. Once you win the strength of the intensity and duration of training can be increased accordingly. Those who take the bike all to lose belly fat bike for 40-50 minutes, five days a week will get the desired result.{popular}
  • swimming{cardio exercises}
  • Swimming is considered the best cardio workout because it involves the whole body of work in a geometric progression .{cardio exercises}Those who know swimming should not miss the chance to swim at least twice a week. Swimming is a very effective way to lose belly fat and works in 30-40 minutes every day will give good results quickly . This is a session of quick weight loss driving that help burn more calories in less time.{popular}
  • aerobics{cardio exercises}
  • Aerobics is loved by all fitness enthusiasts . This is the most preferred form of cardio exercise by women , as it focuses mainly on dance moves and martial arts. Also be classified as high intensity cardio that will help you develop your endurance level contributes significantly.{best}If you are a good swimmer can learn aerobics which will greatly increase your weight loss efforts .{cardio exercises} Aerobic exercises are easy to do and the internet is full of training videos for various forms of aerobics .{popular}
  • rowing{cardio exercises}
  • It can be done indoors or outdoors. Rowing is a good workout for the upper and lower body. Provides effective training arm , thighs , back and abdomen.{best} This driving machine is considered the best cardio machine because it includes different levels of resistance. 

{cardio exercises}

Top 5 Cardio Exercises

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