Starving Decreases Your Metabolism – You Shouldn’t Stop Eating While Dieting

  • There is a popular myth that you can achieve weight loss by starvation . Or people skip meals or follow a strictly liquid diet hoping that reducing caloric intake to help achieve weight loss faster. There are many factors that affect the ability to burn fat in your quest for weight loss .{fitness}Your eating habits , calorie intake , lifestyle , physical activity and especially quantum your basal metabolic rate , which determines the ability to burn fat.{starving}
  • You must first understand the process by which energy is produced by the body. The food we eat is digested and converted to glucose .{fitness}This serves as fuel for the body ready for use during routine body functions .{starving}Nothing in excess is converted to fat and stored as a reserve for later use .{starving}So the food and water you eat keeps your metabolism going and helps burn calories.{Stop Eating}
  • With all other factors remaining the same , different people achieve levels of weight loss due to a difference in their different metabolic rate .{starving}While some have a high metabolism that allows them to burn all the calories consumed , those with a slower metabolism to bear the brunt of the problems of weight gain.{fitness}You can speed up your metabolism through exercise . Make exercise a part of your daily routine and see how easily you can burn calories.{starving}

Drivers starving to slow metabolism{Stop Eating}

  • The body behaves in a similar situation to the way you and I behave when faced with a shortage. Example sand recent hurricane. From advertisements and warning flags were raised , everyone rushed to buy provisions .{starving}Since we do not know how long we would be locked in their houses , which accumulate on them to the extent we allow our wallets and purses .{Stop Eating}
  • It’s even what happens in our bodies when we starve .{starving}Although initially requires the body to lose weight , hunger signals sent to the brain sustained the need to store . Glucose levels in the ozone layer is an indicator that the body goes into storage mode .{starving}Therefore, the body slows metabolism and is very cautious about using calories.{fitness}Therefore, instead of paying the calories are stored as reserves , surpassing the very purpose of the famine .{starving}

How should I eat while dieting ?{Stop Eating}

  • The diet should be done in a scientific way .{fitness}People will follow the plans as a way to lose weight.{starving}Therefore, you have to do is determine the number of calories needed for you .{fitness}You should plan your meals accordingly so as not to exceed caloric intake. Small frequent meals and helps to keep your energy level high and your metabolism is stable. This will ensure that you continue to lose weight continuously without reaching a weight loss plateau .{starving}
The secret to losing weight, eating healthy and exercising regularly for you to keep your metabolism on top.{Stop Eating}

Starving Decreases Your Metabolism – You Shouldn’t Stop Eating While Dieting

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