Main Causes Of Belly Fat

  • Abdominal fat or belly fat is the most common type of obesity observed worldwide spacious . Also known as visceral fat, which was in the lower abdomen and is very difficult to get rid of. The accumulation of belly fat is due to several factors like overeating , stress , genetics , menopause and so on. It gets bigger and leads to many health risks if it does not incorporate a healthy diet and an exercise routine in your lifestyle . Belly fat is not gender specific, affecting both men and women. Let us know in detail the main causes of belly fat .{Belly Fat}

Reasons For Belly Fat {Abdominal fat}

  • The main reasons for belly fat are poor digestion , genetics , stress, slow metabolism rate , inactivity , poor diet , menopause , alcoholism , etc ..{Belly Fat}
  • Poor digestion and Mal digestion bulimia bring a large number of gastrointestinal disorders . Eating late at night can lead to poor digestion and make your stomach swell. After eating , we have to participate in a mini workout to ease digestion . A bed immediately after a meal will result in indigestion.{Belly Fat}
  • Genetics : People develop two types of body – body apple shaped and pear -shaped body . When fat in the lower body , which is designed as a pear-shaped body . Increased fat in the stomach and abdomen is usually identified as the apple -shaped body . Most people see an apple shaped body . If one of your father or mother has an apple shaped body also have the opportunity to develop an apple shaped body .{Belly Fat}
  • Stress: Several studies suggest that abdominal obesity can win due to stress. When you are stressed , the hormone cortisol is released that triggers the reserve of fat around the abdomen. At the same time, stress that binge eating results in excessive accumulation of fat is too much .{visceral fat}
  • Slow metabolism : reducing the rate of metabolism is largely responsible for the accumulation of fat in the body. This allows you to burn fewer calories which results in the accumulation of abdominal fat. Incorporating a good exercise and eating routine will help you increase your metabolism and prevent fat accumulation .{Abdominal fat}
  • Inactivity : It is a known fact that you gain weight if no physical activity. You must participate in a kind of equivalent to what intake physical activity. If you miss the activity and eat more than the end result will be only to gain more weight .{Belly Fat}
  • Poor diet : People develop the tendency to eat in fast food restaurants . I usually end up eating fatty foods and accumulate body fat . Most of them lead a sedentary lifestyle are equipped with desktop computers work. This makes them totally wear a sedentary lifestyle that causes belly fat .{Abdominal fat}
  • Alcohol: Alcohol consumption contributes more calories to your body. As a result , you develop abdominal obesity at a faster pace .{visceral fat}
  • Menopausal women tend to accumulate fat around the abdomen when they are in menopause . This is mainly due to the hormonal changes that occur in the body during this step .{Abdominal fat}

Main Causes Of Belly Fat

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