How Green Tea Helps You To Lose Weight

  • Weight loss is highly sought after by people all over the world . With the advent of various health information and education go rounds and internet , people prefer to lose weight in a healthy and safe . They are in search of solutions that do not involve chemicals or natural weight loss . {Weight Loss} Therefore go for diet foods that are organic and do not offer long-term side effects . This organic ingredient in effective weight loss that is widely consumed by people around the world is green tea . Like green tea weight loss increases ? Let us know the facts.

The benefits associated with green tea {effective}

  • Green tea when taken in recommended amount and duration that can offer great health benefits . Green tea is very effective in dissolving cholesterol in the body and thus provides a healthy heart. The antimicrobial properties of green tea will prevent attacks bacterial and viral infections and thus stabilize the immune system. The poly phenols in green tea is to relieve rheumatoid arthritis . Green tea is also said to be a rich source of antioxidants that relieves stress and prevents free radical damage .{Weight Loss}

Weight loss benefits of green tea

  • Dissolves cholesterol Green tea is strongly associated with weight loss mainly due to its component – poly phenols . The food we eat is broken down into triglycerides in the stomach and liver during digestion. Triglyceride is converted into energy and is found in various tissues of the body through the blood. Sufficient amounts of triglycerides are very useful for the stable supply of energy to the body throughout the day. Excess triglycerides are converted into fat and settled in different parts of the body. As mentioned above , poly phenols tend to melt and therefore regulate the levels of triglycerides. This prevents obesity.{effective}
  • Improves metabolism : Green tea does not stop weight loss wonders with the dissolution of the only fat , but also improves metabolism. Dialectician gallant which is a poly phenol component is responsible for improving the metabolic process . Dialectician gallant joined hands with the caffeine in green tea and takes full control of fat metabolism in the central nervous system and converted into energy. This helps eliminate fat reserves in the body and promote a healthy body fat. This process of removing excess grease is known as thermo genesis. The extra energy can be used for various activities throughout the day

Green Tea Supplements{effective}

  • Besides green tea as a cup of tea , you can also take the form of pills. Market power is full of newcomers green tea supplements . Some supplements contain 100% of green tea extract and some have other ingredients in weight loss, such as chromium . Taking the combination of weight loss supplement provides better results in weight loss compared . You have to check the label of green tea supplement for the content of poly phenols, which is the main ingredient in green tea weight loss . Poly phenols consumed 100mgs twice a day is equivalent to drinking two cups of green tea per day. These pills effectively serve as a substitute for true green tea{effective}

How Green Tea Helps You To Lose Weight

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