How do you react when you find out you have cancer?

A while ago , I met two nice girls who were sisters. As we talked and the discovery of another sister mentioned that she was on sick leave for six months. I looked at her and said . ” What you look wonderful and good for me . ” And so it was . She was bright , positive, which had a beautiful smile that lit up the room, his energy was great, she was very healthy , the right amount of meat on their bones and curves in the right places. cancer How when find.

She told me she had breast cancer and had been receiving treatment for the past 5 months. Treatment had more to follow. I was amazed . , I said . ” But you look wonderful ! ” She even said that her hair was a wig ( could have fooled me go. Their hair you seemed so real and perfect air)

I was intrigued as to how he managed to remove this “apparition” . She says she does not pay the spirit of cancer; she refused to accept and recognize . She wanted to live. She wanted to marry and have children and have a bright and positive future. cancer How when find.

She continued that she goes to the gym , running and is dedicated to all kinds of activities to keep fit . She just lived life to the fullest . She refuses to run with cancer. “Let him run his own race . ” She replied . Just watch was clearly winning the race and forth with life. She refused to give life ( your life ) cancer. She refused to give meaning or existence. I was very impressed. I watched as she told her story . I could see he was going to win, she would live . I had no self-pity and mercy for cancer. She was famous and live life . Congratulations to her. cancer How when find.

I said it was really amazing. I know this girl is going to live to tell his story to many people ; her future husband, children and grandchildren, he was anxious to get on with life . May she live long and prosper. cancer How when find.
Share this story many times , but only when you have to say and what is just an opportunity .

This story is to commemorate my dear friend Jack , who lost his battle with cancer in April of this year and remind myself and others that this is not bad at all. With cancer , you win, sometimes you lose. cancer How when find.

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