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Many cancer patients face a problem identified , and had never thought that comes to my attention. By this I mean a situation where close family members appear, for a variety of reasons , to be totally indifferent to the fate of the patient with cancer. In my case, the opposite is true . I remember all the actors seemed to actively pursue some avenue of help to me. Who care family.
It took several forms, which include, but are not limited to, help fill out forms , searching the Internet for updated information on cancer , drug delivery , participation in family prayer , which m accompanying the physicians’ offices and state and local concerns being to make me as comfortable as possible , especially when I am appalled by the treatment. Put all the above together and you have a defensive wall that is difficult to penetrate cancer. I met many patients that reflect this experience in their own lives . There are , of course , there have been cases where a family member is annoying, but this is usually outweighed by other family members.
Who family care.
Just when you think you’ve seen everything in the wars of cancer , another raises its head . I can only imagine what it would have been like if it had been otherwise. I dare say that I would not be here now writing this article.
Who family care.
I recently received a letter from a lady who has a very sad story . Now, I could often deal with cases where the patient was left alone by circumstances and had few, if any , relatives . In such cases, there is no expectation of support from the immediate family and the patient is usually free to reach out to others who are able and willing to help. In the case of this lady in particular , have a family, but they are far from it and for a variety of reasons. This had the effect very diverting a heavy anchor this poor woman down with frustration and disappointment.
Who family care.
Go to any message board that provides support for cancer patients and it becomes clear that the messages are usually the caregivers who are trying to find answers to the name of a loved one . Women of the letter written in the oncology waiting rooms , watching people being comforted by family and friends. He moved to express wonder where her family and why she will never see any indication that they are looking on their behalf. After working all day, she is very tired when she gets home , but she always pushed to do their part . Her mother is sick and needs a lot of care .
Who family care.
They say it is their hero because she is so positive and so strong , but do not see the same cry to sleep alone every night. She even wrote a poem in an attempt to reach his family with some of their concerns , but was reluctant to show them.
Who family care.
In response to a letter like this is not the easiest thing in the world to do . For one, there are too many unknowns. However, I sent a response and some of it is extracted as follows :
“Do not let the actions or inactions of others come to mind at this critical time in your life. One of the first things I never told you is that if you do not take care of your healing program , someone else will and it is likely you will not like the result does not really need to ask if you are tired , now would you you know very well that you are Doing not put a little order in your life , cancer will not have to kill you – . ! going to small handle this unpleasant task by itself.
Who family care.
So you want my recommendation , but what you give . You must declare your own party of personal independence . From this night has to go home for a good night . You need to tell your mother why this and that , although you love her a lot , consider where you will be, if you go down . We must stop looking to rearrange things so that you can continue to care for her . So if your mother dies while resting at home , know that it is God’s will and not their own and return to him . I think you may be surprised to learn that it will be much less important than yourself.
Who family care.
As the poem you showed me , I think it is very powerful and not entirely stupid. I think it has found expression in the act of writing that has been able to muster. Show all of them immediately and discuss what each verse where they do not understand . I think you might be pleasantly surprised by the reaction of this increase worthy endeavor. Finally , because obviously no one else has , you have my permission to go home and have a good night ! “
Who family care.
Well, it was absolutely amazing what the poem. Brother admitted he had not really bothered to know what type of cancer he had. The sister said she could not find the words to talk about cancer . Another parent was afraid to put the issue for fear of making things worse. In conclusion, she was happy to announce that this poem she had thought at first it was stupid to be a way to open the lines of communication as necessary to win the battle. She writes that all is well now! The cancer is in remission !
Who family care.
Looking back on my experiences in the waiting rooms of the wars of cancer , I remember many images of desperate people who feel alone . If I could live I find a way to participate in the conversation , but I gave him a slap . I remember a rather humorous incident that took place in the waiting room of Radiology at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. It was the beginning of the battle for me, and I was not even a hardened warrior . I came to notice a very fragile lady sitting alone .
Who family care.
Must have been the late 80s and his face wore an expression that would have fit in a funeral home. She had a large plastic cup of terrible, contrast white milky liquid that was so popular at the time. I knew I could not bear to drink , so I decided to intervene. The conversation went as follows:
Who family care.
” Lady, you look like you could use a friend .
Yes, sir, I really could.
What seems to be the problem?
They tell me that I drink this awful tasting and I can not stand it.
Well , lady, if this is the problem, maybe I can help .
Oh , you want sir, but I do not see how you can .
It is very simple lady , I’ll be happy to drink for you.
Who family care.
Oh , it would be so nice! ( After a pause ), but it might be better if I drink.
Well, perhaps better , ma’am , but I want you to know I’m on your side and I’ll be happy to help as I can. “
The old man then happily drank the terrible mess and go quickly , smiling , indoor maze. Upon leaving, he gave me a smile that was more valuable than money in the bank. I knew nothing about the case other than the fact that a simple act of kindness , it may seem absurd to the casual observer can transform a death glare a slight smile.
Who family care.
The next time one of you readers come face to face the sad loneliness in the corridors of cancer ( or in life in general) do not forget that it may be better to do something wildly absurd take no more comfortable way do any of it.
Who family care.
In 1993 Gerald White survived a kidney tumor is metastatic after 20 books oragans below. After all medical treatments have failed and the ” more than three months ” terrible death sentence had been delivered. He worked on a program of guided imagery to induce remission in three months .
Who family care.
He served a sentence of three years as director of the National Association of kidney cancer . Through its website, maintains an active mentoring program has given numerous world discounts simliar cases than previously thought impossible. His book was translated into Chinese and Hungarian. A credible scientific career before cancer , which reached about 20 high technology patents in 9 countries.
Who family care.

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