The causes of cancer and what you can do to help overcome

Here is information about cancer, you can not tell what the factors that cause it and the many changes that are needed to help overcome are . Why you need to know this information before you can beat cancer , you must remove the reasons that first developed that will allow the body to fight cancer by the natural immune system of the body. Cancer is rarely caused by factors beyond our control. This is just an excuse to make us feel powerless. what overcome help.

Cancer is still a disease of the immune system or more correctly , the system appeared because the immune system is working effectively. You can not get cancer unless something goes wrong with your immune system so the key to survival is to improve the system. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a single cause of cancer, as it has many contributing factors. The food we eat every day is the key and that is because people in developed Western countries, where cancer rates are higher eat a lot of foods that have been processed in a factory. what overcome help.

Humans can not live without fresh food , as it is our fuel that keeps us healthy . The food we consume in our modern world today are processed mainly, but these foods are nutritionally dead because of his treatment. No matter if they were treated last week or last year , is dead food . We moved away from eating foods in their natural state , primarily food that man has interfered with. what help.

Our sedentary lifestyle also contributes to cancer . Only develop when the immune system malfunctions and the primary system of self-healing, which is an essential part of the human body needs muscular activity to function properly . That’s why we all need a bit of activity every day to help the immune system. what help.
We live in a chemical world today and we are subject to adverse effects from them because they are in the products we use , especially those that apply to our skin . All personal care products contain chemicals that are extracted from crude oil and when applied to the skin is absorbed into our bodies through our skin and in our blood. Many of these chemicals have not been tested for health problems in the long run.
what help.

Another factor that contributes to cancer is emotional stress can play a big role in which someone has been diagnosed with it . Bankruptcies , corporate crisis, the confrontation with a spouse or neighbors are emotional stress and are known factors that lead to cancer. what help.
Our basic approach to cancer drugs today focuses only on the withdrawal , but does not address the underlying cause , so come back often . If you have not eliminated the reasons why the first developed then just coming back in another area, and this is where it gets dangerous. Remember our current treatments are aimed at money , so no one can take to address the many factors that cause it.
what help.
To overcome the problem , you must change your internal environment to one that creates health , not cancer and does so by carefully choosing the foods you eat and how you live . Changing your lifestyle is the most effective way to overcome all cancers.
what help.

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