Type 2 Diabetes – Obesity is one of the causes of iron deficiency anemia http://ift.tt/1kXLQXo

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Obesity is known to be associated with chronic inflammation , which can lead to insulin resistance , the cause of type 2 diabetes . Chronic inflammation may also lead to iron deficiency in red blood cells which lack vanished iron . Researchers at the University of Istanbul in Turkey compared the blood of individuals of different weights to determine whether obesity may be associated with iron deficiency anemia . Diabetes
Their study, published in March 2014 , the Turkish Journal of Hematology , including …
• 206 participants suffering from obesity and
• 45 participants of normal weight
for comparison.
It was found …
• severely obese patients had significantly lower levels of hemoglobin , the molecule that carries iron in the red blood cells were normal weight participants .
Hemoglobin was also …
• lower in people who had the highest degree of insulin resistance .
Iron levels were …
• higher among participants with normal weight, and
• lower in the obese patients.
Participants who had lower insulin resistance also had significantly lower iron levels.
From this information , the authors came to the conclusion obesity is associated with low levels of iron and hemoglobin, which could be due to chronic inflammation associated with obesity. people
Since 2005 , the sector of care journal of the American Diabetes Association Diabetes, reported the presence of anemia in people with type 2 diabetes. A study by the University of Wales in the United Kingdom found anemia in 8 of 45 diabetics and 2 men 17 diabetic females.
Anemia can cause weakness and fatigue and interfere with your life at work, school and play. It can also contribute to some of the complications of type 2 diabetes. If your body does not get enough oxygen due to anemia , there is a greater demand on the heart to pump more blood to try to make up the shortfall . This puts pressure on the heart and can contribute to heart failure.
A few teaspoons of blood is all that is needed for a complete blood count, which will tell you if anemia is present and , if so , what type . If iron deficiency is the cause then iron supplements are usually prescribed . Diabetes people
Getting to the root of the problem , attacking anemia in origin, has more benefits than just the blood of healthy red blood cells. Moving with swimming , dancing, or other fun activity will help get obesity and insulin resistance under control. Gardening provides some exercise too, so grow spinach or other green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron.
Did you know that you can take control of their type 2 diabetes and regain your health?

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