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Type 2 diabetes is not just an adult condition . Recent studies show up to 45% of new pediatric cases in the United States may be 2 – pass type 1 diabetes usually seen in children. With an increase in the incidence of type 2 diabetes in children is a significant increase in obesity rates among children increased . Both conditions are always linked and require attention to the prevention and treatment of joints. adult United States
There are some genetic factors that someone automatically at risk for type 2 diabetes, including type of development …
• family history,
• race and
• sex.
African Americans , Hispanics , Native Americans and Asian Americans tend to have higher rates of type 2 diabetes in the general population , as well as girls.
However, there are lifestyle factors as relevant in the development of type 2 diabetes, and is necessary for the prevention factors . Being overweight is a major risk factor in the development of this form of diabetes in children. Adipose tissue on a child, especially around the abdomen, the most likely to become insulin dependent .
Obesity is correlated with the lack of activity and exercise our children receive . The less active a child , your body is less able to … United States
• use glucose for energy,
• maintain a healthy weight , and
• Reply to insulin production .
Regular exercise is absolutely part of maintaining a healthy weight, but it is crucial to understand its importance goes far beyond keeping the extra kilos . Exercise keeps the body functioning properly, which helps our body to stay in shape , too. Exercise should be a part of prevention for our children. Diabetes
Take your child to eat right can be a challenge , but a challenge he faces. Here are some simple tips to keep your child eat a healthy diet
• Do not skip breakfast ! And do not let your child just to eat a bowl Pop- Tart or sugary cereal before school . Whole grain breakfast with some lean protein is essential to start your metabolism. Whole grain bread with a smear of peanut butter is a perfect example of a quick and healthy options.
• Eat a rainbow. You make a simple sauce , a crunchy salad, or sandwich order for your child, make sure it is full of colors . This will ensure that your child eats a variety of fruits and vegetables at every meal .
• Incorporate fresh vegetables at lunch and dinner . Little touches like a spinach sandwich on a whole grain or a few pieces of steamed broccoli in brown rice make a difference in keeping your child healthy without making a big deal of it .
Diabetes United States
• movement. Park your car in the street instead of right in front of the store for a little movement . Take a walk after dinner to help digestion and fresh air . Take a bike ride with them on a morning sunny weekend to cool off. All the little things add up.

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