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Gestational diabetes (GD ) is hyperglycemia ( high blood glucose ) that occurs during pregnancy and disappears after delivery in general. Gestational diabetes is caused by insulin resistance ; Insulin is the hormone that regulates glucose in the body. If your doctor performed the diagnosis of gestational diabetes is important to begin treatment as soon as possible to avoid adverse consequences for you and your baby. diabetes
The goal of treatment of gestational diabetes is to maintain blood glucose at the desired level and this is achieved through the implementation of a plan of diet and changes in lifestyle , including physical activity and treating insulin . The benefits of treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus are well documented in studies in several countries , where the majority of pregnant women were treated with a feeding program and changes in lifestyle. For this reason , your doctor should refer you to a nutritionist , once he or she makes the diagnosis of gestational diabetes. During weight gain during normal pregnancy is recommended 25 to 35 pounds for women of normal weight; 25-29 pounds for overweight women, and 11 to 20 pounds for obese women . If you have gestational diabetes, you can not raise a maximum of £ 7, according to some experts , which is impossible without the help of professionals. diabetes
Regarding physical activity, moderate physical activity is recommended. Moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking , gardening , walking home and housework , active participation in games and sports with children , moderate construction tasks . This should be enough to significantly speed up the heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day, but the frequency of appropriate duration , intensity and type of exercise has not been determined . Some small studies suggest that exercise reduces fasting and after glucose concentrations and food may reduce the number of women with gestational diabetes requiring insulin treatment.
Treatment of GDM aims to maintain the blood glucose levels that minimize the risk of adverse effects during the period around birth , but there is no evidence that the benefits of treatment clearly outweigh the disadvantages. The glucose target actually recommended : fasting glucose or below 95 mg , one hour after ingestion of glucose at or below 140 mg , and two hours after ingestion of glucose or below 120 mg . If nutrition and physical activity care can not maintain adequate glycemic control , treatment should be intensified to include drug therapy for appropriate health professional . So if you do not want to take insulin during pregnancy , you should stick faithfully to your diet program and exercises prescribed by your doctor . 
But you should not be afraid of insulin, because insulin is the first-line treatment in GDM and your doctor will give you an individualized insulin levels to achieve target blood glucose .
In recent years, professionals talk a lot about the use of oral medications (including glibenclamide and metformin) for the treatment of gestational diabetes due to significant decrease in processing costs . However, oral medications are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use during pregnancy so far. Finally , before you start any treatment for gestational diabetes, the most important thing is to make the correct diagnosis of the disease with the most common diagnostic criteria .

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