Bariatric Solution to Cure Diabetes is a new hope

Forty-three S Nair had been diabetic for 15 years . His disease was uncontrollable and he had become blind . Just when I had lost hope , doctors suggested bariatric surgery to cure the disease. Only 12 days after surgery , insulin returned to normal and he was removed from all medications for diabetes.
The twin epidemics of type 2 diabetes and obesity are becoming an important public health problem in India. There are over 65 million diabetics in India, with 30 million dollars or more in the pre -diabetes group. During the next 15 years , we will maintain the highest number of diabetics in the world. Obesity has also reached alarming proportions , morbid obesity affecting 5 % of the population of India. Indians have been shown to be genetically predisposed to gain weight , especially around the waist. hope
The two conditions This place additional stress on the body and increase the risk of premature death feed each other and are the result of “modern sedentary lifestyle , fueled by a diet high in fat and high in energy. . Serious problems may occur health , reducing the quality of life in general. diabetes can cause serious problems such as heart disease , stroke , blindness , kidney failure and amputation. obesity is associated with hypertension , diabetes , heart disease , respiratory problems and some cancers .
For obese or not so obese people whose levels of blood sugar are so out of control , bariatric surgery offers a new ray of hope . The process aims to make patients lose weight by making changes to your digestive system so you eat less , and absorption of nutrients by the body is greatly reduced . It can provide a more effective and lasting treatment for diabetes and obesity than the standard treatment of medication, diet and exercise.
Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are the most popular types of bariatric surgery, as they usually have fewer complications than other weight loss surgeries . In these, the size of the stomach is smaller and / or food is to overlook a portion of the small intestine (where most of the calories and nutrients are absorbed ) . As a result , the person feels full after eating much smaller amounts of food , leading to weight loss . Bariatric surgery is performed through a small incision (laparoscopy ) . With advances in science, is now considered a safe abdominal surgery . The patient is discharged usually 24 to 48 hours after surgery . hope
The National Institutes of Health ( NIH) U.S. Government recognizes bariatric surgery as the only effective way to combat severe obesity and maintain weight loss long-term treatment. It is recommended that if the body mass index ( BMI) of 37.5 or more , or if more than 32.5 with uncontrolled diabetes. The results of bariatric surgery in significant weight loss ( up to 97 % of excess weight) that can be maintained in recent years . Only 10 % of patients gain weight after gastric bypass excess bands compared with 98 % who regain weight after dieting and exercise.
Research shows that bariatric surgery can also keep diabetes at bay for many years and even reverse some of its health complications. Better control of diabetes is generally long-term , with normal levels of insulin in the days after surgery , long before significant weight loss occurs . Many medical experts now recommend bariatric surgery as an option for early treatment of people with uncontrolled diabetes.
A Cleveland Clinic study published in September 2013 in the Annals of Surgery , showed beneficial long-term effects of bariatric surgery for people with diabetes. Found that obese patients with type 2 diabetes continue to enjoy the benefits of bariatric surgery until nine years after the procedure. During this period , they continued to improve or reverse their diabetes and reduce cardiovascular risk factors .
Researchers have identified long -term weight loss and short duration of diabetes before surgery that the main factors that led to higher rates of long-term remission of diabetes . They concluded that bariatric surgery may provide durable remission of diabetes in some patients and should be considered as an option for the rapid treatment of patients with problems controlling their diabetes.
Surgical treatment of obesity and diabetes is now a reality. Thousands of patients have benefited greatly reduce weight and control their levels of blood sugar through bariatric surgery , of course.

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