Ingrown Toenail : Causes and treatment

When a nail begins to grow into the surrounding skin instead of the nail bed , it can lead to infection and pain. For patients with circulatory problems , diabetes or numbness toe , ingrown toenails can actually pose a very serious risk of complications , up to and including the loss of a limb. The first thing to do is consult a podiatrist in your area and schedule an appointment immediately. An ingrown toenail is a painful cosmetic problem and can have a variety of causes.

The causes of ingrown toenails
While any nail has the potential to become incarnate , the figure most commonly affected is the big toe . Traumatic injury of the foot, near the bed of the nail may lead to an ingrown toenail , and are more likely to suffer if someone in your immediate family has had . High heels and tight shoes can compress the toes , with the resulting causes abnormal growth of nails, which can also cause an ingrown toenail pressure.
In some cases, ingrown toenails are caused by yeast infections, which can thicken and enlarge the nail and lead to painful , irregular growth. One of the most common causes of ingrown toenails , however , is simply the right cut . Rounded corners can cause the nail to sink into the skin surrounding the nail , which can easily become an ingrown toenail . Make sure you always cut the nails straight instead of around the edges . Refrain from wearing tight or high-heeled shoes whenever possible , and keep an eye on any damage that may affect the nail.

Identify ingrown toenails
Ingrown toenails are relatively easy to detect. Initially, redness and slight swelling of the toe end are common. The affected toe can be painful and warm to the touch . If left untreated , an ingrown toenail can very easily become infected . If you develop an infection , you will notice an increase in inflammation and can see the whites of draining the site of infection or yellow . In rare cases , you may develop a slight fever infection settles .

Treatment Options
You need immediate attention of a podiatrist if your ingrown toenail infection develops . If you have inflammation without signs of infection still is essential for patients with tetanus vaccine is not current , those with HIV / AIDS, diabetes and vascular problems . Patients undergoing chemotherapy or an increased risk of infection should also consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Your podiatrist may recommend a series of self-care to be administered at home after reviewing treatment of ingrown toenail. They can be regular soaking in hot water, and try to raise the affected nail. In some cases, more aggressive treatment may be prescribed. This is especially true if there is a current infection or if there are no signs of improvement after completion of treatment at home. Surgical intervention may be necessary in some cases, including the partial or complete removal of the affected nail. Your podiatrist may also decide to remove part of the nail bed or destroy cells that bypass nail growth to avoid future problems .

If you think you may be suffering from an ingrown toenail , it is best to promptly consult with a podiatrist for immediate treatment. With proper care, your pain and risk of infection can be effectively treated.

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