Treatment options for phimosis and foreskin problems tight

Phimosis is a disease condition in men where the foreskin of the penis cannot be fully retracted over the glans . The foreskin cannot be retracted naturally in children and some adults. Also known as stenosis of the prepuce of the foreskin is tight . This condition can be emotionally and physically demanding .
Phimosis is usually a birth defect sometimes occurs due to infection also called pathological phimosis . Forcible transfer , including inadequate efforts to retract the foreskin and glans inflammation can also cause phimosis. The severity of this disease varies . 

Deflection due to injuries may also lead to phimosis . The failure of relaxation of the foreskin during growth in the leading cause of phimosis . Sometimes , the infection can cause scarring stenosis and preputial ring resulting in phimosis. If the infection around the glans is not treated, it can lead to inflammation of the foreskin and the spread of the infection to others genitals. Phimosis is caused by balanitis which is due to hygienic life -style . Frequent development and the destruction of scar tissue due to repeated infections can become very stiff and loses its elasticity.

Most of the time, this condition is painless . When the genital area is not clean, then it can cause tenderness, redness , swelling and discharge and pain . It causes pain during intercourse and urination.
Phimosis Diagnosis is often made by physical examination .
Most men often start complaining when an odorous discharge or urinary obstruction . Often it is best to treat the condition before it gets worse . If the condition does not cause obvious problems , should not be treated. But if symptoms of phimosis are presented and then subjected to a treatment that is best .

There are two types of treatment available for this condition. They are the surgical and nonsurgical treatment. The type of treatment was decided on the basis of disease status . It is best not to treat this condition before puberty because very often there is a misdiagnosis of the condition requiring the repeated circumcision. Nonsurgical treatment involves the administration of medications to patients with this condition. In general , topical creams and nonsteroidal drugs are applied to the foreskin . Steroid cream such as betamethasone can be applied topically to reduce symptoms. 

This treatment avoids the procedure called circumcision. The rate of successful treatment of this disease increases with the use of these steroid creams . Foreskin can stretch to expand the gradual opening . This is done by inserting a balloon . This treatment provides relief over time . Surgical treatment includes procedures to enlarge the opening or complete removal of the foreskin. Dorsal slit , ventral groove , circumcision, and preputioplasty are surgical methods used to treat this condition. Pathological phimosis is often treated with circumcision when swelling and tenderness resolved . 

Today, many doctors prefer preputioplasty because this procedure has minimal pain and recovery time is also very less as compared with circumcision. These methods provide relief of symptoms and tight foreskin problems phimosis .
There are two different degrees of severity , as described in patients with confirmed cases of the disease . The first is known as a relative movement , so that the capacity of foreskin is only partial , so that the second and the worst case is called complete , characterized by total inability to retract the foreskin , even when the penis is not erect. If you are in the earlier stages , the disease is manageable through clinical , such as the application of specialized creams on the foreskin for a period of five to seven weeks procedures.

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