The absolute Truth – Part Tow

A logical argument that proves that truth is absolute, not relative , through the examination of various religious principles in different times and places.
Those who believe that truth is relative and that all beliefs are the right feeling is not possible to say that a person’s beliefs are wrong, because for them religion is a purely personal belief. The falsity of this statement is obvious and need not delve into the details to prove it. If a religion believes that Jesus was a false prophet , another argues that it is God , and the other was a man specially chosen to be a prophet , how can they all be true ? Jesus, peace and blessings of God be upon him , must inevitably be one of the three things mentioned above , and the three statements cannot be correct . Therefore, as one of these states may be correct , in accordance with what is set to true determines that the other , then to be considered false .
This does not mean that the person does not have the right to believe whatever they want because it is a law that God has endowed all human beings. At the same time , this does not mean that we take the other extreme and say that they are correct, and we do not have the right to form a judgment about them . Also, give a person the right to believe what they want they do not require the right to practice or openly distribute these beliefs, laws implemented in society always look at the effects of actions in society and whether these actions are beneficial or harmful to society in general.
As we have discussed, we can unambiguously conclude that all religions are in the world today are already either bad or is there one that is the whole truth, because although different religions contain similarities , they also have differences fundamental .
If we were to say that no religion in the world today is correct, it would suggest that God is unjust because it allowed us to roam the earth in sin and transgression without showing us the right way of doing things , and impossible for a righteous God. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that there is only one true religion , which provides guidance in all areas of life, not religious , moral , and social .
How is it that we know the true religion ? It is every human being to investigate this matter . Human beings were created to meet a great design , not only to eat, sleep and go find daily sustenance and satiate their desires. To achieve this goal , we must try to find what their purpose is , and this can only be done by survey. If you believe there is a God , and that God should not have left the man to wander astray, should seek religion and way of life that God has revealed. In addition , this religion would not be hidden or difficult for human beings to find or understand , because that would defeat the purpose of orientation. 
Furthermore , religion must contain the same message over time , as mentioned it comes down to an absolute truth. In addition , this religion can not contain false or all contradictions , for falseness or contradiction in a matter of religion disproves religion as a whole, because then we could doubt the integrity of their texts .
No other religion that meets the conditions listed above , except the religion of Islam , the religion that is consistent with human nature , the religion that was preached by all prophets since the dawn of man. Other religions found today , like Christianity and Judaism , are the remains of the religion brought by the prophets in their time, which was Islam . 
However, over time , changed them and lost , and what remains today of these religions is a mixture of truth and falsehood. The only religion that has been preserved and preached the same message brought by all the prophets is the religion of Islam , the only true religion , which excludes all spheres of human life , religious , political, social individual yy is for all humans to investigate this religion to ensure its accuracy , and follow him .

The absolute Truth – Part Tow

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