Some tools to spread the success of U.S. Army

If you have ever served in the armed forces , you know the feeling of excitement and fear during the transition out of uniform . There is a certain amount of information is thrown at you, it’s hard to remember everything . All he knows is that his expiration term of service ( ETS ) is coming in a few awakenings. Mainly hand , here are some tips on how to transition successfully from the U.S. Army .

Before the separation :
File your claim VA
You probably do not know it, but you can actually make your VA claim file for six months before you separate from the military. We all know that the negative stigma of going to the hospital or even ask for help. However, at this stage of his career , it’s time for you to put that pride on hold and start looking out for number one. The application before separation spared this terrible waiting for two years with the VA to receive your award letter .

Find J. O. B.
Before you start applying everywhere with a bankruptcy CV is necessary “to stop its roll . ” First thing to do is to create a time to attend a military career and Alumni Program (ACAP ) briefing to polish your curriculum. Then you have to be realistic and find a position that matches your military occupational specialty (MOS ) . Do not apply for the post of Executive Director when you only have the experience of specialists. Understand what your tangible and perfect skills in positions that require these skills . Finally , know where you want to live. Before you say “I want to return to Smallville America” , remember why you left. If you left because there were no jobs in this region , why are you going back? In addition , skills will provide income in this area? If not, maybe it’s time to choose an area that will provide for you and your family. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ll take pay cut transition from the military.

Be prepared for the financial impact the Gut
You do not expect , but a good salary to leave the army cut is taken. When calculating overall military income , consider housing allowance , special severance schedules and sinking add an extra $ 300 to $ 600 a month for health care for your family. ( Yes, it’s more than likely have to pay for health care . ) When you add it all becomes a bundle . Add it all up and this is a realistic number for you to maintain the same standard of living in the civilian world.  

After separation :
Establish your military network
The first thing you should do when you get out of the army is to locate network veteran. Join the American Legion, VFW , DAV , etc, to build your network . Build a network of veteran will save scoop on the VA disability benefits , employment opportunities , and boost morale in general. Military tend to have a one-to two-year transitional period and building your network to facilitate the transition .

Continue your education
Then you’ve come to the end and realize that you need to continue their studies. Uncle Sam has provided several educational benefits to cover expenses , such as Chapter 33 ( Post 9-11). Decide what you want to do in life and get the tools to get there.
Plan Your Finances
Finally , you will need to successfully adapt to low income. Once you know how much money you are receiving monthly, develop a plan. Pay bills that are important and reduce or eliminate bills that are not . Do not spend or buy STE car. Do not be afraid to ask for help in planning your finances. In short, with the intention of taking care of himself and his family.
Why bother going out?
In conclusion, we all know why we left the army. You could spend time with family , find a career , or just tired of being deployed . Before deciding to return to the army, remember why you left. Is it really better back? If this is the case , you talk recruiter. If not , stick with your plan and never give up . You have the resources of the network and the ability to succeed . Good luck.

Some tools to spread the success of U.S. Army

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