Recent advances in gastric bypass

In the past, bypass surgery has been an important option for people who are morbidly obese , but the number of risks associated with it are also many. However, the latest advanced laparoscopic significantly reduced the number of these risks . gastric
This surgery was introduced more than half a century and since then a number of experiments were performed continuously improve it . The idea for this came to surgery when surgeons noted that the veining in patients has also led to her weight loss . This led to the discovery that if the length of intestine was then reduced as reduced calorie absorption that eventually leads to weight loss.

When it was introduced , it became an instant success , but the number of side effects was much . These range from mild to life-threatening complications . However, patients have become lower than the nutrients are not absorbed well . Ultimately leads to malnutrition. This has led to the need to seek bariatric techniques for doing this bypasses the stomach and nutrients are absorbed.

The number of risks associated with previous surgery were also many. The introduction of bariatric gastric bypass form has also made surgery less invasive . Previously, a large cut was made and the skin has been stretched to a distance from the stomach through the inflation of the stomach cavity with carbon dioxide . The laparoscopic approach allows surgeons perform gastric bypass surgery , making only small incisions. This reduces the number of risks and helps reduce recovery time also considerably . gastric

The data obtained in the period 2001-2002 showed that the complication rate of the initial state of laparoscopic gastric bypass was 34 % lower than normal surgery. Similarly, the rate of complications 30 days of laparoscopic surgery was 2% lower than the lowest . In general , laparoscopic surgery had a lower than normal surgery rate of 23% . gastric
Moreover, today, gastric bypass surgery can also be performed by robots . However, despite the progress we have made in this type of surgery, the fact is that the morbidity rate remains high. All developments in equipment , technology and advances in pathophysiology have helped surgeons make big changes in the styles of the execution of this operation and has helped reduce morbidity and maximize the rate of weight loss . Also contributing to weight loss long term.

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