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I sometimes hear people start to realize that they expected only a temporary loss of hair is actually thinning. What is the difference? When it is spreading, it is normal that the new fast and robust growth, so you’re never really able to see much of your scalp under your hair. Because change quickly what was lost, you may notice that it has lost some volume, but should not be able to see clearly the areas of the head where the hair is naturally very thin.
Often when you see it you will see a very small area of hair. And you begin to wonder how long until you have no hair there either. And you can expect that you will always slimming can never lead to complete baldness thinning areas.

To demonstrate this, I could get a comment on my blog as:. “I am a woman and my hair is thinning on top you can see clearly through my scalp gets very thin My father and brother are completely bald on top … I wonder if this is what have to wait. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? thinning does not always lead to baldness? ”
It is my experience that it does not have. It is rare for a woman who has thinning hair loss conditions such as alopecia androgen ethics of having the condition to go bald, but I suspect it does happen. Yes, you can be thin and some women eventually become more comfortable to wear a hair piece or topper on the problem area. But it is much more common to see baldness in men than in women.

But men and women in the early and aggressive treatment can significantly help slow down or even reverse the process. This is a multifaceted process. First, you must respond to androgens. If you can reduce your sensitivity to them, then you should not have much hair loss. One thing that makes possible thinning baldness miniaturization lead. Hair loss and hair that replaces come thinner and thinner. In each cycle, it is thinner and thinner until it is no longer at all. This is when you get baldness. 

Therefore, in order not to have baldness occurs, stop the process. If you can stop or reduce androgens, which would certainly help. When androgens no longer attacks the follicle, which helps the hair grow back normally. In addition to responding to androgens, may also try to do things to support healthy growth. There are topical solutions that help both androgens and inflammation, and also help to provide a flow of blood to the scalp. In addition, methods such as the message of the scalp can help stimulate the scalp.
But to answer the original question, if you are a man or a woman, thinning certainly does not always lead to baldness. With prompt and effective treatment, sometimes you can keep the hair you have and even growing new hair is healthier and complete what you are replacing.

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