The absolute Truth – Part one

The first part of a logical argument that proves that truth is absolute, not relative , through examination of morality and ethics in different times and places
Often when discussing religion , we hear the claim that no one has the right to judge another person ‘s beliefs or religion is a private matter and one can not say that c ‘ is good or bad.
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Throughout history , societies have based their laws and ethics of the ” absolute truths ” they consider ” good” , and is a result of either an external text regarded as supreme, or character that is in the innate nature of man which causes them to see things as good and others as evil.

Human beings, on a limited scale , can see things as good and evil. For example , all human beings, left to their natural state without perversion of mind , you see feces and urine also dirty . religion 
In addition , certain acts , such as theft , murder and lying are also known to be bad, so that truth , sincerity and honor are considered high. This is the result of a character that has been created in all humans, but as mentioned above , this effect is limited .

If someone says they have no right to judge other beliefs or actions, which are in fact contradictory. If you ask a lot of these people if killing babies or suicide is right and acceptable , which naturally responded that it is not. But if you look at some companies , such as certain religions in Central America , infanticide was seen as a way to get closer to their gods. Also today, in the Hindu religion , it is commendable that a woman committed suicide after the death of her husband. religion one 
If you really believe that religion is something that is left to the individual and no one has the right to intervene or prosecute , then it would require admitting that killing babies is something that is good for those who think it is commendable and people have a right to judge.
If we were to bring this matter to an individual level , we would see that each person has their individual perception of good and evil , whether this perception is based on religion , law, culture, or individual contemplation. One might think it’s perfectly acceptable to commit adultery , while another may think wrongly . One might think that it is permissible to be involved in drugs because it is your own body , and others might think it’s a crime. None would be able to say that everything that is good or bad , and all the people would be left to fend for themselves to believe and practice what they perceive as “correct” .
If we were to implement this belief in society , we have based anarchy community, where no law could legislate or implement , because the law is based on the principle that certain things should be good and some are ill . If one were to say that there are certain truths agreed by all human beings that can be used to pass laws , this statement is true , to some extent, as we have said that all human beings are naturally refers to good and evil in a limited sense . But as you can see , this feature becomes perverted repeated occasions by environmental, psychological or religious factors , that certain acts which were at the same time because the evil and immorality are then considered valid and acceptable, and some things that do not agree with the nature of man is considered the key to salvation .

This can be clearly seen in democratic societies that base their laws on the majority. We see many things that were considered simply absurd or immoral are now socially acceptable , provided that , if one has a different opinion on the matter, they are considered the outcasts. religion
For this reason , human beings cannot be left to their own agreements to legislate what is right and wrong. Even in societies of the same religion that established the separation of religion and state, even if they agree with these things they kept their religion , they are very different in terms of what is considered right and wrong in their societies . What is considered the legal age of consent for sexual relations in France is considered rape in America. Although abortion is legal in one country is not a crime in another, and where homosexuality is regarded as a valid way of life in a society , it is considered a grave sin in another.

So if we now say that truth is absolute and not relative to the individual and society, the question is what are the customs that are manifest truth and you have to make decisions ? What are the laws that must be implemented in the company? It should be decided by lawyers and judges who have reached a level of “legal enlightenment” , politicians who generally make decisions for their own benefit or for the benefit of their own countries, or philosophers who have learned to know universal truths through his own contemplation? As we have seen , human beings can not be left to decide these issues would have catastrophic results , as seen today in many societies where many evils rampant. religion 

Alone has the right to legislate good and evil is the One who created us and knows what is best for us, and that is God Almighty. It is God who created the world and it is God who created the scales of justice . It is God who is perfect and it is God who has no flaws whatsoever. religion
Most of our discussion focused on issues related to faith and moral acts , but what is even more important for those beliefs that have to do with God, and this will be discussed in the following article .

The absolute Truth – Part one

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