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If you are considering buying a new Range Rover, Land Rover LR2 may be just what you are looking for . As one of the first all-terrain utility vehicles to be introduced by the luxury brand Land Rover LR2 is a favorite among consumers for several reasons , some of which are:

• Compact size

• easy handling

• Top Off-road capabilities

The latest Land Rover and its features
Available in a single trim level, the LR2 has a six-cylinder 3.2 -liter inline six-speed automatic with manual transmission and four-wheel drive . To maintain its reputation for handling all types of terrain , Terrain Response features to adjust the responses of the vehicle which requires the landscape while improving handling and comfort. A knob offers four driving conditions , allowing the driver to choose the right one.

Although the LR2 is not as luxurious as other Land Rover, scores over its competitors. Which is optional on competing vehicles is the norm in the LR2 :

• access and key less start

• A panoramic sunroof with two panels

• Front and rear fog lamps

• Washers headlights

• Rain sensing wipers

• rear parking sensors

• Leather seats Power

• Alloy wheels 18 inch

• temperature control two zones

There are optional features like a navigation system , memory seats , adaptive front lighting , heated seats , Bluetooth connectivity , satellite radio and an audio system for high performance. what
One of the characteristics of the traffic LR2 is appropriate complaint suspension for off-road mobility .
The perfect luxury crossover SUV
The LR2 is known for its superior quality over the road driving and considered one of the best in its class. Despite the soft suspension settings , provides good traction and control on any type of track. The current Land Rover LR2 is similar to the previous model, the Free lander in size . Currently , there are four models LR2 :

• LR2

• SE


• HSE Lux

The LR2 is ideal for people with active lifestyles , due to its excellent road holding and handling. It is beautiful , with a border gate , the bars of the grid , and the wings and ribbon finish rear vents . Options are grained leather upholstery in two colors. what
The SE model is luxurious and has exquisite craftsmanship , comfort and style . , Luxurious soft interior seats have built in soft grain leather.
HSE and HSE Lux steps area above the SE in luxury and comfort. Easy handling and maneuverability are the best car owners with more options inside high-end , including eight way driver and six passengers power adjustable via Meridian audio system with USB and Bluetooth audio streaming .
Last LR2
2013 LR2 has some improvements in the form of a turbo engine, the same that powers the new Range Rover. This engine is lighter with a more powerful performance , resulting in greater efficiency and a better evaluation of the ETA. His eyes are also new with a brightly finished grille and LED taillights and headlights. Launched in November 2013 , the new Land Rover LR2 is all set to impress the market.
Land Rover
The Land Rover LR2 is fuel efficient, compact luxury SUV cum that the environment comes in four models of vehicle.

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