The seven earths ( The Seven Layers Of The Earth )

The seven layers of the earth 
which scientists have recently 
discovered was eluded by 
Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago

A simple image of the Earth and its inner layers . Windows to the Universe , at ( ) at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR ) . © 1995-1999 , 2000 The Regents of the University of Michigan; © 2000-05 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad is the second revealed source of Islam . As the Qur’an , containing scientific information available 1400 years ago. These miracles are ” seven” lands mentioned by the Prophet in several of his speeches . They are:

Hadith 1

It was narrated on the authority of Abu Salamah that a dispute arose between him and other people ( on the ground) . ! When he told Aisha ( the Prophet’s wife ) about it , he said, ” O Abu Salamah Avoid taking the land unjustly , for the Prophet said :
“Whoever usurps even a span of land of somebody, its depth through the seven earths will be collared to his neck . ” ( Sahih al- Bukhari , “Book of oppression.”)

Hadith 2

Salim reported on the authority of his father that the Prophet said :
“Whoever takes a piece of land of others unjustly , he will sink to the bottom of the seven earths on the Day of Resurrection.” ( Sahih al- Bukhari , “Book of oppression. ” )

The aforementioned Hadith prohibits oppression in general, particularly the taking of a parcel of land belonging to others unjustly. What could be the reference of seven lands ?
Geology studies have shown that the earth consists of seven areas identified from the inside to the outer layers as follows :

( 1) The interior of the Earth solid core : 1.7 % by mass , the depth of 5150-6370 km from Earth ( 3219-3981000 )

The inner core is solid and attached to the garment suspended in the molten outer core. It is believed that solidified as a result of the pressure of the freezing occurs most liquids decreases when the temperature or pressure increases .

( 2) The liquid outer core : 30.8 % of the mass of the Earth , the depth of 2890-5150 km ( 1806-3219000 )

The outer core is heated electrically conductive liquid in which the convection. This conductive layer combines with Earth ‘s rotation to create a dynamo effect of a system of electrical currents known as the Earth ‘s magnetic field . It is also responsible for the subtle shake of the rotation of the Earth. This coating is not as dense as molten pure iron , indicating the presence of the lighter elements . Scientists suspect that about 10 % of the layer is composed of sulfur and / or oxygen because these elements are abundant in the cosmos and dissolve readily in molten iron .

( 3) The ” D ” layer : 3% of the mass of the Earth , the depth of 2700-2890 km ( 1688-1806000 )

This layer is 200-300 kilometers ( 125-188 miles) thick and represents about 4 % of the mass of the mantle – crust. Although it is often identified as part of the lower mantle , seismic discontinuities suggest the ” D” layer might differ chemically coat that lies beneath. Scientists suspect that the material is dissolved in the core, or may be filtered through the layer , but not in the nucleus due to its density .

(4 ) Lower Mantle : 49.2 % of the mass of the Earth, the depth of 650-2890 km ( 406 miles 1806 )

The lower layer contains 72.9 % of the mass of the layer and is probably mainly composed of silicon, magnesium and oxygen . You probably also contains some iron , calcium and aluminum . Scientists make these deductions by assuming the Earth has a large number and proportion of cosmic elements as found in the Sun and primitive meteorites .

(5) Middle Mantle ( Transition region ) : 7.5 % by mass , the depth of 400-650 kilometers ( 250-406 miles ) from Earth

The transition region or mesosphere ( for middle mantle ) , sometimes called the fertile layer , contains 11.1% of the mass of the mantle and is the source of basaltic magmas. It also contains calcium , aluminum and garnet , a complex bearing aluminum silicate mineral . This layer is dense cold due to garnet. Take hot because these minerals melt easily to form basalt which can then rise through the upper layers of magma. seven

(6 ) the upper mantle : 10.3% of the mass of the Earth , the depth of 10-400 km ( 6-250 miles)

The upper mantle contains 15.3% of the mass of the mantle. The fragments were extracted by eroded mountain belts and volcanic eruptions. Olivine (Mg , Fe) 2SiO4 and pyroxene (Mg , Fe) SiO 3 were the main minerals found in this way. These and other minerals are refractory and crystalline at high temperatures , therefore , most settle out of rising magma is, is the training of new material or never leaving the mantle. A portion of the upper mantle called the asthenosphere is partially molten . seven

( 7) the lithosphere
Oceanic crust : 0.099 % of the mass of the Earth, the depth of 0-10 kilometers ( 0-6 miles )

The rigid, outermost layer of the Earth comprising the crust and upper mantle is called the lithosphere. The oceanic crust contains 0.147 % of the mass of the mantle – crust. Most of the earth’s crust is made through volcanic activity. The oceanic ridge system , a network of 40,000 km (25,000 miles) from volcanoes, generates new oceanic crust at the rate of 17 km3 per year, covering the bottom of the ocean basalt . Hawaii and Iceland are two examples of cell accumulation basalt . seven

This image shows a cross section through the earth ‘s crust and lithosphere plates showing upper mantle ( the layer made of the crust and upper mantle ) moving over the asthenosphere ( upper mantle ) . Windows to the Universe , at ( ) at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR ) . © 1995-1999 , 2000 The Regents of the University of Michigan; © 2000-05 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Continental crust : 0.374 % of the mass of the Earth , the depth of 0-50 km ( 0-31 miles )

The continental crust contains 0.554 % of the mass of the mantle – crust. This is the outermost part of the earth is composed essentially of crystalline rocks. These are the low density mineral transport dominated mostly by quartz ( SiO2) and feldspars (metal-poor silicates) . The crust ( both oceanic and continental ) is the surface of the Earth , as such , is the coldest part of our planet. Due to the cold rocks deform slowly, we refer to the rigid lithosphere (rocky or strong layer ) outer shell. seven

This image shows the divisions within the Earth in seven layers. ( Adapted from Beatty , 1990)

The layers of earth shall match the above mentioned hadith of the Prophet . The miracle is on two questions:

(1) The term of the hadith : “It will sink to the bottom of the seven earths on the Day of Resurrection ,” the stratification of these “lands ” around the ball.

(2) The accuracy with which the Prophet of Islam spoke seven inner layers of the Earth.

The only way for a desert dweller to have known these facts 1400 years ago is the revelation of God seven

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The seven earths ( The Seven Layers Of The Earth )

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