It is rusty and broken, but Aston Martin DB6 always sells 131 000 GBP

The Aston Martin DB6 Vantage is one of the models most revered now recognized worldwide and associates 1960 swing culture in Britain, but when it went on sale in November 2013 , Bonham’s auction house simply described as a ” finding barn ” since the car was discovered in a barn in a remote region of northern Scotland . Stories like this are common. DB6

Classic cars are often found in unlikely places and forgotten . This is usually because the owner is not aware of the value of the vehicle. Why this occasion, the garage owner who owned the DB6 has seen fit to keep the car in such misery was not explained , but history shows your last car purchased in 1981 and has not been used since the early 1990s. They cannot deny that this is a real DB6 if, as the chassis number of the vehicle ( 2489 / I) is intact , identifying as an Aston Martin without doubt. broken DB6

When the car was auctioned in November 2013 , led to a bidding war , where car fanatics around the world have been desperately trying to reach the other for the property. The DB6 was finally sold for an incredible £ 131,420 . 80,000 cars – mile is now owned by an anonymous online bidder China. DB6
It may seem strange that a lot of money to spend on such a damaged car , but not a problem for lovers of sports cars , including the possibility of buying a classic Aston Martin is so rare that their value transcends all poor physical condition , may be in addition, the vehicle can be easily restored to its former splendor.
broken DB6

The sale was part of a sale from the largest to the Great Yorkshire Showground , which had a range of cars that sell for a total of more than £ 1m auction. Other classic cars sold at the event included a Triumph Roadster 1949 , which was used in the production of the BBC 1980 television series Bergerac , for Sale £ 23,000 and a 1968 Morris Minor, which was once owned by Countess of Wessex Sophie Rhys- Jones , who made a spectacular least £ 4600. Another big surprise for auction was the auction of a 1938 Frazer Nash TT which sold for more than the planned amount is £ 85.500 . broken DB6

Aston Martin driving experiences remains one of the greatest achievements of driving in Britain with new models being equally admire the classics. But one can not help but wonder how many other classic models that are hiding in barns and sheds Rural Kingdom. Perhaps the most classic will be soon. DB6
You can drive some of the most beautiful cars of Aston Martin today to reserve day experience, including opportunities of junior driving experience .
Aston Martin DB6

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