How to keep Your Car Safe

There are three types of security 
you should think about when it 
comes to keeping you 
and your car on the road :

personal safety, the safety of those around you , and the safety of your vehicle. You’d be surprised the number of accidents that occur every day when pilots forget seemingly insignificant “little things”. Car How

To make sure your car is road worthy , there are several things you should consider. Most of them are obvious , like now with the repair of automobiles and trucks , oil and transmission controls changes . It is a lot of maintenance is usually required – after all, your vehicle must be able to legally operate or will not be long before the police pull over . Preventative maintenance is absolutely the best way to ensure that the less obvious problems are transformed into absolute disaster . Car How

So , here are some lesser-known warning signs your car may appear:

The level of the fluid levels – oil, radiator fluid , brake fluid . Either liquid level should not be ignored . Short of oil led to an engine failure , if you are low on brake fluid , you have an accident . It is always important to check your levels and if one of these liquids seem endangered , it is not a problem that needs fixing. Car How

Tires – drivers often neglect their tires , but really should not! A tire can last up to ten years if you treat it well . Be sure to periodically check the tread , tears , pressure and age. Car

Orange rust thing – brown seems harmless enough , but if you ignore it long enough it will not. Rust on the outside is a warning sign of rust on the inside – so protect your engine fast . How

Wipers Windscreen wipers would think relatively low on their list of priorities of car maintenance, but should not be. The fact that a police officer does not prevent a broken windshield (which probably did not notice ) , does not mean you have to compromise your vision to save a few dollars. Car

Fuel Lines – If your car is spraying or a gas leak , you should definitely have a new fuel pump installed . It will only be about $ 25 out of pocket, and literally can save you from a fire in his driveway . How

Lights – Easy to fix, and honestly important. Not only because the police are going to shoot , but for your safety and the safety of anyone who drives near you. Car

A quick list of some other things you should make sure to check regularly are: your timing belt so it does not break, your knees , your wheel alignment and brakes. How

Remember, save a few dollars is not really worth sacrificing your safety. Most of these maintenance tips you can apply in your own garage or driveway , but if you are not comfortable with a wrench , be sure to contact a professional to help. Car

Jerimie Toy is the owner of Absolute Auto Repair Inc. , located in Tampa , Florida. For over 25 years, Absolute Auto Repair specializes in the repair of automotive safety systems and stereo in your vehicle. How

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