Chevrolet Beat – Chevy Hatch “Beat ” competition

Chevrolet has always tried to develop in our car market of India as a manufacturer of small cars like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai for success . But all their attempts have failed badly here because they have never had a car in your portfolio that could be implemented in the sedan segment . However, with the arrival of Beat , things have changed a bit for Chevrolet as the Indians have shown interest in the new hatchback and the car has become very popular among young people because of its dynamic style. Now let’s see in detail what sets this car other sedan on the market.
The Chevrolet Beat is available with two different engines , one in each petrol and diesel . It has a 1.2 L , 4 cylinder, DOHC engine with a power of 80.5bhp to 6200rpm . This engine has been specially developed for Beat and was completely different from the previous 1.2 -liter unit seen in Chevrolet Aveo U – VA.The produce maximum torque of this engine is 108Nm at only 4400rpm .
The Chevrolet Beat diesel has a diesel engine with three cylinders 1.0LXSD . It is the smaller version of the Fiat Multijet engine that powers the majority of sedans in India. This engine produces a power of 59bhp at 4000rpm with maximum torque of 150 Nm output at 1750 rpm. Both versions of the Chevrolet Beat are equipped with 5-speed manual .
Funky beat style interior gives a sporty and attractive appearance. His first class in the tachometer and digital dashboard console premium fashion felt its class. When it comes to space, however , there is not much to talk about. The legroom in the back , knee room and head are one of the most uncomfortable car in its segment.
The main models of Chevrolet Beat Petrol and diesel is equipped with high-end features like automatic climate control , power windows, with integrated support MVNOs , front side airbags , ABS , alloy wheels , Rear Wiper wash , wipers, defroster , of remote lock & 2 – Din audio system with four speakers .
Chevrolet beat reviews suggest that ride and handling of the car is quite acceptable in urban traffic as you can handle and park your car bumper to bumper traffic easily , but as soon as you hit the road , their small soft suspension, tires light direction and that disappoints you . The car is short of breath in the corners and the feeling of fear that immediately stop playing this car.
So far , the beat is doing very well in our markets through its aggressive pricing . Chevrolet Beat frame rate varies from Rs 3940 INR INR 6 lakhs (ex – showroom , Delhi). But with increasing competition, Chevrolet has some changes to the car to keep it fresh and for this, they are willing to raise the hit mid-cycle that will be displayed at the Auto Expo 2014 next month.

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