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Hair plays an important role in the development of all people, especially women. Care must be taken and extensive hair to keep it healthy and shiny. If you are unable to care can result in dull hair or may be suffering from other problems such as dandruff or hair loss.
There are many aspects of hair care. A very important part of hair care is the diet you eat. Many people underestimate the importance of diet . Poor eating habits, lack of important nutrients can lead to premature aging , weight loss, hair loss or dandruff .

So having a healthy diet should be the first step if you want to have beautiful healthy hair , long . Some of the foods you should eat are – raw vegetables , many fruits , lean proteins , whole, and omega -3 fatty acids found in salmon beans . You should also make a habit of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Water is very important for the healthy functioning of your entire body.
Here is a list of some foods that can have a positive effect on hair growth :

Apples , grapes , strawberries , fish, eggs , yogurt , nuts, beans , cabbage , cauliflower , broccoli .
The next step would be to make sure you are getting enough sleep each day. Lack of sleep can affect the chemical balance in the body. This can have a huge impact on your hair. You must ensure that you are getting a good night’s rest . Try to keep regular sleep schedule . It is good to have inconsistent sleep habits . For this reason , try going to bed at the same time each day and try to get up at the same time in the morning.
Research has shown that going to bed early at night is good for your health . So , try to retire early you can get a better quality of sleep if you sleep late. Develop the habit of going to bed early and get up early in the day can give you a healthy mind, body and hair.

Another important tip for healthy hair is to exercise regularly. Exercise can help improve blood circulation throughout the body. As blood flow to the scalp improvement , which can result in faster hair growth . To exercise indoors or outdoors . Brisk walking , running, jumping , swimming , cycling are excellent exercises. You need not go to a gym for this. Only 20-40 minutes of exercise a day is enough, but do not forget to do it regularly or once a day or at least 3 times a week .

This article mentions three important steps for healthy hair and promote faster hair growth . The first step is to have a balanced and nutritious diet . The second step is to get adequate sleep and improve sleep quality by maintaining regular schedule and go to bed early. The third step is to exercise regularly at least 3-4 times a week. Follow these 3 important steps for a couple of weeks and see the difference it can make to the quality of your hair .

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