Jesus Freaks – A comparison between the hippies , Christians , Muslims and Jesus !

 Memoirs of a convert to Islam

When I was a kid , growing up in sixty and seventy , a few blocks from the famous Haight- Ashbury district of San Francisco , which was surrounded by the hippie movement. It was a time “switch , tune abandon” sexual freedom , cultural revolution and social recklessness.
Fortunately , I’ve never been stuck in the hippie movement , but being so close to her, I could not help but notice its development. One thing I remember is how many hippies were labeled ” Jesus freaks . ” How to navigate my childhood memories , nearly four decades later, this euphemism seems to have been decidedly peculiar. These hippies were considered ” Jesus freaks ” because they dress like Jesus as he grew hair , renounced materialism as he did, and devotion to God , they spread peace , charity and communal love .

Now , many of those carried out in this regard have fallen on the use of hallucinogenic drugs and promiscuous sex inclinations are far from the example of Jesus , but that’s not why these hippies were called Jesus freaks . Instead , they were called Jesus freaks for long hair , loose clothing , asceticism , communal unity and passivity , all a result of their efforts to live like Jesus. The house of love and prayer , found near the tracks, was a starting point for many of these well -meaning souls collection, and the title of the organization reflects its purpose in life .

Looking back , it seems strange to me now is not that people values embody Jesus , but others criticize them for that. What seems even stranger is that few Christians in modern times , fit this profile. In fact, what seemed strange to me , before my conversion to Islam , is that Muslims that Christians seemed best to embody the values of Jesus .
However, this statement requires an explanation, and is as follows: First, Christianity and Islam consider Jesus as a prophet of their religion. However, while the teachings of Jesus were lost with the beliefs and practices of most Christians  , these same teachings are respected and evident in the Islam.
Here are some examples .
1) Jesus was bearded , as are most of the Muslims, but only the rare Christian .
2) Jesus was dressed modestly. If we close our eyes and form a mental picture , we robes , from wrists to ankles as loose both Arabs and Indian shalwar kameez thobes – Pakistan, typical of Muslims in these regions. That we do not imagine is the revealing or seductive clothing so ubiquitous in Christian cultures of .
3) Jesus’ mother covered her hair , and this practice was maintained among the Christian women of the Holy Land until the mid-twentieth century. Again, this practice is maintained among Muslims as well as Orthodox Jews (of which Jesus was one ), but not among the Christians of the modern era.
1) Jesus was in salvation and avoid embellishment. How ” just” Christians have this ” not just on Sundays ” profile ? Now how many ” five prayers a day, every day of the year ” Muslims?
2) Jesus spoke with humility and kindness. He did not ” exhibitionist ” . When we think of his speeches, I do not imagine theatrics . He was known for the quality and the simple truth of man. How many preachers and evangelists how to follow this example?
3) Jesus taught his disciples to offer salvation “peace” (Luke 10:05 ) , and then gave the example: “Peace be with you” (Luke 24:36 , John 20:19 , John 20 : 21, John 20:26 ) . This practice continues today , Christians or Muslims ? “Peace be with you” is the meaning of the Muslim greeting, interestingly, we find this greeting in Judaism as well ( Genesis 43:23 , Numbers 6:26 , Judges 6:23, I Samuel Assalam 1 ” alaikum . ” 17 and I Samuel 25:6 ) .
Religious practices
1) Jesus was circumcised (Luke 2:21). Paul taught it was not necessary ( Rom 5:02 Gal 4:11 ET ) . Muslims believe it is.
2) Jesus did not eat pork, according to the Old Testament law ( Leviticus 11:07 and Deuteronomy 14:08) . Muslims also believe pork is forbidden . Christians … well, you get the idea.
3) Jesus did not give or take usury, in compliance with the prohibition of the Old Testament ( Exodus 22:25) . Usury is forbidden in the Old Testament and the Koran , as it was forbidden in the religion of Jesus. The economies of most Christian countries , however , are structured to carry.
4) Jesus did not fornicate , and abstained from all contact with women outside of marriage. Now, this issue extends to the least physical contact with the opposite sex . Except for the execution of religious and ritual help the needy , Jesus never touched a woman other than his mother. Strictly practicing Orthodox Jews maintain this practice to this day according to the law of the Old Testament. Similarly, Muslims even hand between the sexes are given . Christian can ” hug your neighbor” and ” kiss the bride ” congregations make the same claim ?
Worship practices
Jesus himself purified by washing before prayer , as was the case of the pious prophets who preceded him ( see Exodus 40:31-32 in reference to Moses and Aaron ) , as is the case Muslims .
2) Jesus prayed in prostration (Matthew 26:39 ) , like other prophets ( see Nehemiah 8:06 regarding Ezra and the people, Joshua 5:14 Joshua , Genesis 24:52 to 17:03 ET Abraham, Exodus 34:8 and Numbers 20:06 Moses and Aaron) . Who prays like that, Christians or Muslims?
3) Jesus fasted for more than a month at a time (Matthew 4:02 Luke 4:02 ET ) , and the pious before him ( Exodus 34:28 , I Kings 19:08 ) , like the Muslims in fasting annual Ramadan .
4) Jesus made pilgrimage for the purpose of worship, as all Orthodox Jews aspire to do. The Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca is well known, and refers in the Bible (see the first and the last command).
Questions Creed
1) Jesus taught the oneness of God (Mark 12:29-30 , Matthew 22:37 and Luke 10:27) , as conveyed in the first commandment ( Exodus 20:03 ) . Nowhere in the Trinity is declared.
2) Jesus himself said that a man and a prophet of God ( see above) , and nowhere claimed divinity or divine sonship. The belief that they are above the point more consistent – the Trinitarian formula or the absolute monotheism of Islam?
In short , Muslims appear to be the ” Jesus freaks ” Today , if by that term we mean those who live by the laws of God and the example of Jesus.

Carmichael notes, ” … for a generation after the death of Jesus to his disciples were pious Jews and proud of it , they had attracted the folding members for professional religion, and even away from the heavy ceremonial laws .” [Carmichael, Joel. p. 223]
One wonders what happened between the practices of the first generation of disciples and Christians today . At the same time, we respect the fact that Muslims illustrate the teachings of Jesus more than Christians. We must also remember that the Old Testament prophets had predicted three to follow. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were numbers one and two , and Jesus Christ himself predicted the third and last . Therefore, the Old and New Testaments speak of a final prophet , and it would be wrong if we do not believe that the Prophet Muhammad is the last and final revelation to be Islam .

Jesus Freaks – A comparison between the hippies , Christians , Muslims and Jesus !

Christians, Jesus, Muslims

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3 Responses to Jesus Freaks – A comparison between the hippies , Christians , Muslims and Jesus !

  1. gadis pratiwi says:

    I see. and then, I’m curious what is the difference between Christian and Catholic? and between yahudi (jew) and nasrani?
    thank you, sir.

    • mogamoon188 says:

      Christian and Nasrani are the same
      Christianity split into three categories: Catholic + Orthodox + Protestant
      Jews are the followers of the Old Testament only
      The Old Testament is the Torah
      God revealed the Torah to Moses
      Jews disobeyed Moses
      Jews distorted the Torah
      Then God sent Jesus (Christ) to the Bani Israel (the Jews)
      Jews lied Christ (Jesus son of Mary)
      God sent down with Christ (Jesus son of Mary) Bible (New Testament)
      Jews have declared a fierce war on Christ and his followers
      Jews distorted the Bible (New Testament)
      Finally, God sent the Prophet Muhammad (seal of the prophets and messengers)
      And revealed to him the Koran
      Some people believe in him and some people disbelieve him

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